11023129_10204620760051656_587515606_nWhile waiting for my flight going to Manila, I feel so excited and a little bit so nervous to attend our batch alumni homecoming which will be held on Saturday at Rogationist College in Silang, Cavite.  After tem years I will be able to see now my batch mates with successful careers, stable jobs, and kids.  While writing this write-up for my blog, I can’t really get through in managing my thoughts and insights about our homecoming because the feeling of incitement to see them and talk to them overwhelms me.  For me, it’s really nice and perhaps significant to attend those vents which just happen occasionally in my life.  As I sit comfortably here at the boarding area and try to organize my thoughts, I can’t but be nostalgic about my past high school life experiences.  After ten years, the burning question that is now bothering me as I try to recall my past high school life experiences is this; how far have I been going through in accepting and abiding the fact that life is a never-ending process of embracing change and a never-ending pilgrimage towards happiness?

My ten years of keep pushing through has been really a long journey.  As I try to recall it, there were moments that I succeed, I cried, I failed, and I fell in love.  Those things helped me to become who I am now.  Henceforth, Soren Kierkegaard, one of my favorite theistic-existentialist philosopher is right in saying this as I try to reminisce my past ten years of journey and including also my past high school life experiences; Life can only be understood backward; but it must be live forwards.  Attending our batch alumni homecoming is not just only for me a celebration of our 10th year anniversary, but an opportunity to understand my life backwards so as to make it a means for me to lived it forwards.  I can’t wait for tomorrow’s event.  I can’t also wait to see the changes that my batch mates have been going through as they also struggle for the best like me.  Hence, life moves in mysterious ways.  It really has a lot of surprises despite the fact that it is also sometimes demanding.

However, though everything changes in life, memories remain the same.  Memories is something that warms us up inside according to Haruki Murakami, and we can never let go of it because it helps us grow as a person even though it also sometimes tears us apart.  Even though it’s impossible to bring back all the memories of my the years’ pilgrimage in life; I am proud to say from the bottom of my heart that I have learned something from it and it made me embrace changes and newness in my life.

Now, the gate has opened and the plane is ready for flight going to Manila.  The feeling of excitement engulfs me more as I prepare myself for the travel.  Today is Friday; tomorrow will be a very special day for my life.  Many things bother my mind like what will I wear for the occasion; what kind of impression that I will show to them; what stories will I share to them…etc…etc.  From all those preoccupations that are kept on bothering my mind now, there’s only one thing I would like to unfold to them, i.e. the new and true ME, nothing more; nothing less.

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