The Wisdom of Slowing Down


I get irritated easily when the internet connection is too slow and does not satisfy my expectation. I get annoyed when things are not done quickly. It’s really difficult to slow down nowadays because things tend to test our patience. Being caught in a massive and heavy traffic in the city every day, for instance, is a ‘patience-cracking’ scenario. It puts pressure on your endurance to face this kind of reality even though you don’t deserve it. I assure you, It takes a liter of sweat to bear and withstand the traffic which really distressing and irritating. Although some technological initiatives are already done to lessen the traffic, it’s still stays like a never-ending dilemma.

Why am I saying this? Because I thought life will be more simple and convenient when things are done instantaneously and promptly. Thanks to the influx of technological advancement in this generation because to live life to the fullest is possible which what advancement would like to offer us. But, as time goes by, as everything changes so rapidly, it seems that life is not so simple and convenient anymore contradicting the promises of the advance technology. Everything is becoming fast and it complicates everything about life. Impatience affects our values and we don’t know how to slow down. For us Slowing down kills advancement, innovation, and progress. But, isn’t in slowing down that we built our dreams and aspirations in life? Isn’t in slowing down that we foresee the wonders and the awe-inspiring ideals in our lives? Now, why labeling ‘slowing down’ as a 3000 year-old maxim about life? Hence, we really never learn about the beauty of the ordinary, the less-valued, and the less-appreciated things on and about life. We really complicates what is simple. We choose to ignore the things we think are not relevant, but in reality, are things that truly matter, manageable and handy to teach us the wisdom of life.

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