Last Thursday someone asked me this question: why are you fond of posting your opinions and quotations about love in your Facebook account?  I tried to answer this question but in a generic way.  Why I am fond of posting my opinions and quotations about love?  Perhaps, majority of my friends in Facebook have this kind of question in their minds knowing my present state and identity. Maybe others are already being alarmed and fed up reading my posts about love which its content contradicts my present situation.  There are a lot of things to talk and to reflect under the sun in a prudent way which could be a good and discreet post in Facebook, but why I choose to talk about love on another way?  What drives me to reflect upon it on that way?

I would like to speak from the heart as I ponder the many questions regarding my appreciation and respect about love.  In my life’s on-going expedition, I consider love as a platform for my life, why? Because I made the most mistakes out of it.  It’s hard to be a “lover” because it entails great challenges, struggles, and sufferings.  So, I know how it feels and it’s really demanding.  But, to speak about love and to live it is not really a night-time-decision-making-process.  It takes time, effort, and faith.  Hence, Leo Buscaglia is true on his assertion about love; Love is a Learned Phenomenon.  You cannot know and understand love unless you indulge yourself on its different manifestations.  You cannot express about it unless you allow your heart to be penetrated by it.  As I think of my life being driven and stirred by it, all I could say, it’s good to be influenced by it despite the fact that I am not worthy of it.

One of the greatest learnings that I really cherish in my life is love.  However, what is love for me?  I really read a lot of books about love just to search an affable description that fits my personality and identity.  I asked also so many questions to my friends and even to those who are more knowledgeable and experienced about it.  But, at the end of all these things, still the question boggles my mind; what is love for me?  As I revisit and recall all my experiences and struggles related to love, what rises up is moving on and conversion.  So, love for me is a series of moving on and conversion in life every day.  Trying to look back my past experiences about love, is really an encounter of pains, mistakes, trials, and even discouragements.  Nonetheless, all those things did not stop me to move on and embrace conversion.  I consider all these things not a hindrance for me to love and to achieve true love, but a consolation.  Indeed, love will never be called ‘love’ unless we plunge our whole life on its miseries.

My dear friends, if you ever wonder why I am fond of posting my opinions and quotations about love I would like to tell you that it emanates from my daily struggles and daily experiences. Learning it through the school of hard knocks I realized, why not share my experiences about it even though I know it’s nothing to do with others experiences.  Henceforth, ‘Love Outside Box’; my personal theme in life; the summary of my journey towards love.  This also serves as my guide and path as I venture this life with different stories and surprises about love along the way.  Life is really like a road trip; exhausting, yet enjoying when you start to love the trip.

Now, a new road has opened.  Another new path to embrace which will remind me once again not to be stagnant, rather I should discover more and learn something new about love.  These are the challenges and invitations I received today as I celebrate my birthday.  Another year has opened for me to love more sincerely and humbly.  Although it’s so tiring to love, love never fails me to cast out all my fears, to accept pains, to learn from my mistakes, to be hopeful in times of desolation, and to grow in loving without any expectations even though it’s demanding.  Thank you Lord for the gift of life.  Without you I will never know that what matters most in life is love because it’s through love that you made me who I am.

2 thoughts on ““LOVE OUTSIDE BOX”

  1. You have a lover’s heart. And I like that. It is most powerful of all the emotions. I think you’ll like my poems. If time allows do visit.:)


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