The Blitzkrieg of Confusion


Life is a series of questions and unexpected revelations. Self-introspecting made me recognized one fundamental truth about life; nothing is constant, some are fleeting but others are undeviating. For the past months and even today the blitzkrieg of confusion irks the tiny ember within my soul. I thought its okay to contain it inside within my fragile lamp that I called Passion, but lately I realized it is not in withholding and retaining it as it is that it will reach its ever-long completion. “Let the tiny ember dance in the dark”, as my consciousness would always tell. But, I didn’t listen. Time passed, moments faded, opportunities have already wasted, but still I didn’t listen. What AM I afraid of? What makes me anxious of letting this tiny ember inside of me be a fire that my faith wants? Stepping-out from the parameters of expectations is the key for its freedom. However, fear hinders me to do so. I don’t understand this warring emotions inside of me that makes me perplex and lonely sometimes. I feel like in the blizzard that shudders me to nostalgia and bereavement. What a life without a fire! Too late to realize that I was wrong in tending my own tiny ember which I expect to be the fire of my needs and desires. I should let it to be what it must be.

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