One Sunday Morning

198716One Sunday morning, I woke up and went outside of the room that I use for resting.  As I rubbed my eyes, I was fascinated by the sunrise hovering in the pale blue sky.  As my eyes were delighted by the beauty of the morning sky, I said to myself, “it is really the Lord that gives Hope.”

The Lord does not fail us every day, He always surprise us.  He makes our eyes always fixed with His graces that bring delight and hope in our lives even with our ordinary experiences.  When difficulties and struggles arises in our journey, He always grant us an assurance of concern and guidance that will help us to be encouraged and motivated to face all life’s challenges with courage.  When we put our trust and hope in Him, there will be no worries along the way if only you believe.

Life is so beautiful, though difficult, but if we start to prioritize God before our other priorities in life.  It will be so refreshing when you wake up in the morning finding out that God has a surprise for you.  It’s good to ponder that if we allow God to work in our ordinary experiences, then our daily journeys will be full of hope though we cannot deny the fact that there will be conflicts, trials, and challenges along the way.

P.S. This thought just popped-up in my mind; it’s good to savor the beauty of the morning while sipping a cup of coffee and imagining that God is together with you sipping a cup of coffee too.  What do you think?   


chaosWhy is there so much hatred in our world today?  Why is it that there are lots of conflicting dilemmas governs in each and very ideologies of people, countries, and beliefs?  Why it is that hate is so visible and inevitable fad of today’s generation?  Every time I flip-up the pages of the newspaper it always talks about violence, war, abuse, exploitation, anger, and even graft and corruption.  It always makes my day stressful whenever I encounter these things.  Is there anything that is still “good” in this world?  Why does “good” which every people and nation is longing for seems to be losing its taste, ardor, and significance?  Where can we find “good” nowadays?

People are killing themselves in the name of tradition and strict ideology.  Some are dying innocently because of a hundred years of conflict and disagreement.  Other exploits and abuses the dignity of the human person for the sake of profit and economic stability.  Where is “good” now?  Do we have still the sensitivity to love our neighbors and to have a concern to them despite the differences with race, religion, tradition, background, and character?  As the world advances, hatred becomes a great occurrence.  As the world engages in the different influxes of modern principle, life becomes complicated.  Justice, love, and peace, which are the pillars of authenticity and life’s harmony, are now irrelevant and also disregarded.  What the world want nowadays are not these things, but stability and power.

As what we can see in our world today, it seems Thomas Hobbes’ Homo Homini Lupus is now a methodology.  In my opinion, I consider my life here in this world as being-in-the-world-in-the-midst-of-wolves.  Where can we find “good” nowadays?  Where’s the “love” now?  Though the world now is engaging itself from the different man-made catastrophes of this generation, its subordinates, the people now are still longing for something which is “good” and “lovable”.  Hope is their hymn of lament as the wolves of today are battling for a chaotic pedestal.  I, together with the people of this generation are still believing that evil will end and the good will triumph.  It’s undeniable that there will always be evil in the world, but there were promises that came from the eternal that “good” and “love” will always be the victor of this so called endless battle.

The Search for the Pearl of Great Value

pearl-great-priceHave you already found the pearl of great value as you go on in this journey called religious life?  This question was been asked to me six years ago by my Spiritual Father when I was still a postulant.  The same question was reiterated to me by the gospel for today as it tells us about the pearl of great value.  Have I already found the pearl of great value in my life?  Nine years have passed and I am still going through this journey called religious life.  My experience would tell me that I already encountered a lot of good, pleasant, splendid, and even worst things in my life and I also experienced a lot of success and failures in my life.  As I had experienced all these things, did I already encountered and experienced the pearl of great value in my life?  Did I already find it?  Did I already say with that many instances in my life that “Alas, I found it!  I am ready to give up and to abandon everything because now I already found the pearl that I am searching and longing for so long”?  To be honest, I haven’t found it yet, but I am still searching for it.

You know what’s my problem why I am still not finding the pearl of great value?  To tell you honestly, the greatest enemy that I have why I am still searching for the pearl of great value is I.  I am a person that is full of me.  Then, sometimes fear also hinders me to take the risk of searching and finding the pearl of great value.  No matter what effort that I exert all the more, pride and fear blocks my sight and my actuations to seek and to gaze upon the pearl of great value.  I always allow myself to be subordinated by many pearls of great value with my pilgrimage, but it seems that they lost their valuableness afterwards for they are just mere flatteries and illusions.

Still the Word of God is patient with me and it is still inviting me and reminding me to continue searching and move on.  The gospel does not disregard the reality that seeking and searching for the pearl of great value demands a lot of time and effort, but, it gave me an assurance today that if I continue to move on and to search for its significance into my life, it will never fail me to experience constant joy and happiness with my life.  It also motivates me to give more effort to go on in this journey even though sometimes it is risky and takes a lot of patience, endurance, and perseverance.

Why is it so hard to love truly?

true-love-isnt-found-its-built-love-quoteWhy is it so hard to love truly?  Why true love is demanding?  These are the questions that keep on bothering me every time I reflect upon the significance of love into my life.  If love is the topic, it seems every person here in this world has their own definition of love based on their experiences, but, for me, I don’t like to talk about it.  It’s not that I hate love or I am indifferent about it.  I just don’t like to talk about it, because I am nothing in front of it.  Love is so immense, yet demanding; it is sweet yet it hurts; and it is wonderful yet sets standards.

It is in loving that I can see myself as nothing.  It is indescribable, because human words are not enough to fathom and truly explain its significance in life.  It takes a lot of honesty and sincerity in order to be well-founded with it.  True love begins when the feeling is gone, and it does not end in romance, but it ends in God.  So, I am not worthy of it, because it’s too high for me to reach.

Although true love is demanding, it knows humility.  Hence it doesn’t matter that I am unworthy of true love because of its significance; it has a welcoming attitude, it does not flatter, and it is patiently waiting for us to grow well-founded in its essence.  Fort how many times That I say to myself that I am nothing for this so called immense grace, yet it gives me an assurance that I shouldn’t be afraid in allowing myself to be deeply rooted with this true love.

As I am journeying in this pilgrimage called searching for true, I am not yet finding the right answer for true love, but the only concrete insight that I gain as I search and struggle for the real meaning of true love is when you will allow yourself to search for it.  When you struggle and search, you will be finding yourself unworthy on the first place.  It is also not nothingness or unworthiness that you will find the real meaning of it.  In true love, faith matters and it takes a lot of it in order that you may be able to know the real meaning of true love.  In the first place, it’s really demanding, but in its demand there’s wisdom behind it.

The Promptings of God’s call

emvideo-youtube-2MOFvIUzXu0_0Indeed, God called us for a greater purpose in life.  What makes God’s call ironic is the way He calls and chooses each and every one of us.  At the very first instance of the History of Salvation, He did not choose the powerful, the famous, the most influential, the prestigious, the most intelligent, and the richest person in the world.  But, He had chosen and preferred to call the weak, the meek, the humble, and the simple-hearted.  Why God does not call the best among the rest, instead He preferred to call the least among the best?  This shows that, the most important aspect for God is a heart that has the capacity to accept His call without any hesitation, rather than a heart that is full of his or herself.  Only the simple-hearted, the meek and the humble can gaze upon the promptings of God’s call coming from his/her inner self.

For the world’s logic, the least one are insignificant for a greater purpose in life, but in God’s logic they have the significant role for building up His kingdom, because He trusts them fully.  They can easily know the plan of God for their lives, but the most important thing is that they are open for God’s will no matter how difficult it is.  God’s grace is their joy, because it is always overflowing as they strive to follow God’s call more closely.  They are always ready to be taught by God and to be used by Him as earthen vessels of His grace for others.  Hence, though they are insignificant in the eyes of the world, but for the eyes of God, they are significant for the salvation of the world.

When God calls you for a greater purpose in life, try to open your heart.  Learn from the examples of the least, the single-hearted, the meek, and the humble on how they accept and allow God’s call to penetrate their lives.  Do not be afraid and do not let your heart be hesitant in opening for the promptings of God’s call.

On Seeking God

9699625magnifyingforwebWe are naturally born as seekers.  We always seek for a reason that will make us feel happy and contented.  We search for the right answers to all the questions that bother us about living and loving.  As for that, it is undeniable that we are surrounded by a lot of possibilities and insights, as we continue to seek for true wisdom.

But, the challenged nowadays is this; “are we satisfied for all the answers, insights, and possibilities that we found as we continue to search for the right reason to live?  Are we able to find the right reason for our existence?  Are we happy as we realize that we found them?”  We cannot deny the fact that we are born seekers, and we cannot also deny the fact that we are also restless beings that are continuously seeking and searching for right answers and reasons that will make us forever happy and satisfied.

But, as we seek for the ultimate answers and reasons in our lives, I would like to ask you; “have you ever tried to seek God?  If you tried to seek Him into your life, have you experienced Him working in your life?”  It’s undeniable that part of our living is to seek for the right meaning of life, because we have the capacity to search for it.  But, we forget one thing as we seek for the ultimate reasons and answers, i.e. our capacity to seek God.  Why don’t you start searching for God today and for sure you will not feel restless anymore.  There’s no need for you to seek God from the outside of yourself.  Just dig deeper for God is inside you heart, because He dwells in your heart.  Don’t be discourage if you feel lost when you seek God within your heart.  Just continue searching and for sure you will find Him smiling and waiting for your coming.