Failures on the Wall


A well-known public attorney was fond of framing his failures during his elementary days, high school days, and even when he took up law in college, like failed test papers, low-grades, low quizzes, and his failed 1st attempt to bar exam, and posting it on the wall of his office. Suddenly, a client noticed them all and asked him; “Sir, why do you need to display your failures from the past? It’s absurd and ridiculous! Are you belittling yourself sir? “No, I am proud of it”, the attorney responded that made his client puzzled. The attorney noticed his reaction so he added, “Actually, these failures posted on my wall reminds me of three words; NEVER GIVE UP! I have so many failures in life as you can see on the wall but it is just a representation of the whole picture of my failures in life. But, those failures did not hinder me to move on. Failures are inescapable realities in life. However, I believe they serve as bridges and ladders for success. Now, I am successful because of my failures. But, do you know one of the lessons that I have learned from these failures and the many failures that I encountered and experienced in life?” What’s that? His client responded. “Its humility my dear! The more I experience failures in life, the more it reminds me to humble myself, and the more it helps me to go on towards success. So, never disregard your failures in life. Never remorse your failures, but make it as your means to embrace fulfilment and success in life.” His client was inspired and amazed on what the attorney have said to him about the failures on the wall.

What matters most in life is you love


A chief executive of a prestigious and well-founded company was suffering of a colon cancer in a hospital bed. Together with him was his personal assistant who worked for him for 25 years. On one of their conversation, the loyal assistant asked, “Sir, you’re a good-looking, rich, and influential man, but why you never had a wife? You are in your old age already, who will inherit all your wealth since you don’t have children or family of your own? You focused too much on your career, but have you also tried to fall in love with a woman?”

The sickly old man smiled and chuckled to what he said, with worriness and regret, He said, “My dearest, I am also a normal being.  I fell in love for so many times. I had been with so many failed relationships because they rejected me. I did not meet their standards, that’s what they said. Though I’ve tried, still nothing happened. However, I still managed to be happy and fulfilled even though I was never loved. It is because I love. Do you understand all those things?”

“I don’t understand.” The assistant said. For so many years I’ve seen who you are. I believe you will surpass all the challenges about love because of your status in life, but I asked myself, why? Why are you so different?” The assistant added.

“Here take this letter. Don’t open it yet. Open and read this on my eulogical service beside my coffin. By that time you will understand why. May this letter enlighten your mind and heart about me.”  The chief executive uttered with a smile on his face.  After three days, he passed away. Many mourned, others were shocked, and some felt saddened of his death.

On the last wake of his remains, a necrological service and eulogical ceremony was held simultaneously. Many gave their condolences, prayers, and sympathies to the remaining relatives of what to be considered a very influential man. It was the personal assistant’s turn to give his eulogy, “Three days before his death we argued about his hopeless romantic situation”.  He began as people laughed.  He continued, “Then, I asked myself, what made him happy despite of being alone in life. He possessed traits and characteristics of a man that every woman would want. But still, he remained single despite of being the right man. In the middle of our argument, he handed me this letter. He asked me to open and read it only at the last wake of his remains. And so today, I will read his letter which for him is something personal and humbling.”

Dear folks, colleagues, and my friend and very loyal personal assistant,

I asked myself why I am a hopeless romantic person. Even I complained many times to God why falling in love with a woman has been aloof to me. I really do my very best that I can in loving but it always end up as a failure. I have been with so many failed relationships, rejections, embarrassments, and disappointments. And, after all those things, I became hopeless. I thought it was the end, but it’s not.  From that miserable fate, I found my real vocation in life. I realized that God let those things happened in my life in order that I may be deeper in love. God introduced to me a wonderful vocation called singlehood. People may say or think that to remain single forever is a wrong choice. But for me, to be single forever is a wonderful adventure. I love more, I dedicate my whole life in sharing my blessings to those people who are not being loved and being rejected especially the poor and the orphans, I listen to people’s life stories of joys, struggles, and success, and I also shared my life’s stories too, but one of the best things that I cherished most in my life is being contended of who I am. That is why I’ve learned the power of happiness and contentment in spite of my disposition. Now at my death bed I could say that I lived my life to the fullest even though there are so many setbacks. I am ready to die happily and in peace. I am not worried about the company. I know there’s a good person who will really manage it. I will give it to my personal assistant who served me for 25 years with so much patience, understanding, and love. Half of my possessions will be given to the orphanage and the shares of the company will be equally distributed to every employees and workers. Why am I doing this? Simply, I love you all and what I learned about my experiences IS this; love as you can though it hurts because what matters most in life is you love. Folks, colleague, and my dear personal assistant thank you for being a part of my life.

Sincerely yours,

Your bachelor chief executive.

After hearing the message everyone stunned and paused for a moment. The personal assistant was surprised on what he had read and burst into tears. After a moment of silent, a round of applause was resound at the funeral; and after reading, the personal assistant just said: “Oh God!” and sob into tears.

On Love and Work

quote-do-not-hire-a-man-who-does-your-work-for-money-but-him-who-does-it-for-love-of-it-henry-david-thoreau-184760“Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” -Vincent Van Gogh

It’s right to say that we cannot perform a certain task and accomplish it well unless we put love on it.  Everything that we do and we encounter in life is tantamount to loving many things.  Everything that we also achieve in life is not just only a product of our efforts and perseverance; it’s also a product of love that which could be realized by dedication and sacrifice.  Hence, we need love not just as an inspiration, but a motivation to do things well.

Today, what is the dilemma that we encounter in terms of fulfilling and achieving something is not the intensity and the quantity of work, but the capacity to put love on the work that we engaged ourselves with.  We easily get tired, anxious, stressed, distressed, and bored when we feel the monotony of work.  And once we experienced this so-called “dryness” in work, we become grouchy, irritated, and a grumbler towards it.  Actually, the nature of work is not about beating the deadline; it is one of the exercises on how we regard love as an important factor for a better life.  Work does not define who we are.  It is just a means for us to evaluate how we consider ourselves as persons capable of loving what we do and what we persevered.  Indeed, Vincent Van Gogh is right in saying; “…what is done in love is done well.”  We cannot work better unless we love our work.  Work not just for fulfillment but for productivity and growth.

It’s nice to be always motivated when we start to love our work.  After the exhausting work at the end of the day, you will really feel the relief and the satisfaction when love rules over the demands of work.  We are not machines, but persons capable of loving the things that we do and work on.  When things are done well it is not because of our skills, but because of our dedication, diligence, and perseverance which we add also love as flavor for our efforts.  Hence, let us not think ourselves as persons who rely the meaning of our existence on work itself, but rather let us consider ourselves as persons who are capable of loving our work and doing it well all because of love.

Learning from our Defeats

soccer-quote-every-defeat-is-a-victory-credit-jikatu“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.”

― Ralph EllisonInvisible Man

 “We did our best, unfortunately we lost the game”

This is what I told myself when we were defeated by our opponent in last Monday and Tuesday’s soccer match finals between our team Humilitas and our opponent Temperantia.  It was really a tough match.  The first half of the game held last Monday was really incredible and rough and so with the second half of the game held last Tuesday.    All of us did our best in order to reach the sweetness of the Championship trophy.  Unfortunately, we were defeated.  The final score was 3-2 in favor of our opponent.  Actually, we feel so pity on ourselves that we created so many diligent attempts in order to get some goals, but that day was really an unlucky day for us.  At first, we feel the remorse of being defeated in the game after doing our very best to secure the championship, afterwards the feeling of remorse immediately dissolved and just told ourselves it’s just part of the game; there are losers and winners.  But, losing in a game is not the end of everything and a reason to quit.  It’s just a means for us to improve more, to move forward, and to set sail once more toward our desired goals.

From this experience, I learned something valuable into my life.  I learned that being defeated does not mean I should stop moving on; it’s just an opportunity to see the brighter side of struggling for success and accomplishment.  I remember one of the insights of George E. Woodberry which talks about the positive side of defeat; “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”  Hence, God allows defeat in order for us to realize that we cannot reach and attain success through an easy-going and tolerant attitude.  It always takes a lot of our perseverance, effort, and persistence.  Actually, many people became famous, popular, and successful in the world not because they are really best, but because they accept the fact that defeat is a necessary means in order for them to reach the seemingly unreachable dreams into their lives.  In life, it’s not on the winnings that we may be able to find out our fulfilled selves, it’s always on how we deal the various defeats that we encounter in life.  Being a loser of our soccer match finals that was held last Monday and Tuesday is not a guarantee that I am such a failure.  First and foremost, it does not bother me at all.  The important thing is we did our best and we brought a good match for our opponents.

Starting All Over Again

28d652ebb9b0b9dec2f99cd3703e88a3 (1)It’s never too late when we start all over again.  Life is full of probabilities to improve ourselves starting from the basic.  There’s nothing wrong when we will going to repeat what we have started before.  It’s not about cowardice that we start all over again; it’s about humility and being true to ourselves that sometimes we fall short on our determination to achieve a better and productive life, so we need really to go back from the start.

My experience as a blogger is full of starting all over again.  I cannot deny the fact that I am prone with exhaustions and fatigues especially when I am not anymore enthusiastic and consistent in blogging.  It’s really hard to start all over again.  It’s tiring and demanding.  It is also time and energy consuming.  But, when I take the risk to go back from the beginning, it refreshed me to do blogging again.  To go back from the beginning opened my mind to welcome new insights and ideas which became a motivational factor for my blogs to be more consistent, coherent, sincere, encouraging, and person-oriented.  With this experience I found out a lesson which is so very important as a blogger and as a human person; that life cannot be measured by how many achievements and successes that I gained, it’s on how many times that I humble myself in every beginnings that I encounter as I move on.

Deep inside my heart, I cannot but go back to every instance in my life that I consider to start all over again.  It’s very humbling indeed to remember that day that really reveals what it means not to give up despite the onslaught of discouragement and distress.  It’s really difficult to start all over again, but that’s life.  In every downfall we experienced in life we cannot but go back from the basic and to be inspired once again by it in order for us to stand once again from our downfalls and continue to move on.  Indeed, life is really full of probabilities if and only if we consider into our lives that it’s really important to go back from the beginning.  Every beginning is our first inspiration to move on and I believe this is the key for success.

Just One Step at a Time

One-Step-At-A-Time-800x600It really takes one single step in order that we may be able to reach his/her dreams and aspirations in life.  To dream and to aspire for something and to make it come true is easy to say than do.  As I reflect upon this reality one question popped-up into my mind; why do we never get tired of dreaming, hoping, and aspiring even though sometimes we failed to achieve our dreams in life?  In my search for answers this is what I realized; we never get tired of dreaming, hoping, and aspiring for something good because we are adequately considered seekers for happiness and for a better life.  We are born seekers.  We have also the tendency to long for something that will make us successful and complete.  So, we persevere, we work hard, and we do our very best to make our lives.  Hence, our life’s journey will never be fruitful and fulfilling unless we take one step at a time.

The path of success and contentment will never become a reality into our lives unless we hold on to the wisdom of a single step.  Thus, the old maxim is right in echoing to our consciousness this one of the lesson in life about success; “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Despite the fact that success is sometimes demanding, the wisdom of a single step will always remind us that we should never lose our sight in hoping and chasing our dreams and aspirations in life.  Our life will never be the same like before if and only if we take a single step in order for us to move on.  Life will always be brighter every day when we always take one step at a time.

Chasing success is a road less travel.  Despite this reality one thing that I’ve learned and realized as I reflected upon the wisdom of a single step is not to give up the journey.  A single step may be insignificant on the first look, but every single step, if combined, is our assurance to move on in living our dreams that we long for.

#tidbitsforlife (On Regrets, Opportunities, and Moving On)

screen_shot_2013-02-15_at_6.34.09_pmWhen we ignore and disregard opportunities in our lives, the tendency for us is to regret.  According to an unknown author regrets can hold us back and prevent the most wonderful things taking place in our lives.  So, let us not be an easy-going individual when opportunities draw near into our lives.  Welcome it with joy and gladness in our hearts because it brings possibilities that will help us to reach our goals and dreams.  Opportunities should not be wasted; rather it should be used as our guide towards the path of success.

Relating this to my personal experiences, I admit, I wasted a lot of opportunities in life.  I made a lot of excuses in order to keep myself away from the demands of many opportunities that came into my life simply because I am afraid of committing mistakes.  The more I escape myself with the demands of many opportunities that drawing near into my life, the more the feeling of regret, fear, and guilt overshadows my being.  When these things bother me a lot, I cannot but cry and be sorry with myself.  With this experience I realize that every opportunity in life is like gifts that should not be taken for granted.  Though it demands something great we should not be afraid of it.  In every opportunity, demands are just means for us to achieve success in life.  As we do our best to welcome the demands of every opportunity that we encounter in life, let us not forget the words of Brian Adams in his book How to Succeed; “Demands (Difficulties) are opportunities to better things.  They are stepping stones to greater experience.”

#tidbitsforlife (On Diligence and Success)

DiligenceRobertPaddington2Diligence is a key for every man’s success.  If you don’t have it yet, nurture it and let it grow into your life.  Success will never be an impossible path for us who struggle for a living if and only if we value the importance of diligence into our lives.  As I reflect upon its distinctive role into our everyday struggle, I remember the inspirational words of Thomas Alva Edison when he was doing his very best to come up with a successful light bulb invention; I have not failed 10, 000 times.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.  Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.  Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% inspiration.  This insight of him shows to us what it means to be diligent in life.  Diligence is not just a matter of effort, but it is also a matter of the heart.  We achieve something in life not because of our greatness, but because of diligence that we need always to nourish, to consider, and to give importance everyday.  We should not be afraid when our failures are more than our success in life.  When we failed, add more diligence still and for sure the path of success will always be near into our lives.  Relating this to my personal experience, I testify that diligence really helped me a lot in terms of learning a new knowledge and lesson for my life.  I could say that I am weak in terms of learning, but through diligence I realize that learning new things in life is possible.  All I need to do is to be open with a lot of opportunities that diligence is offering to me.  Hence, this experience of mine would validate the fact that diligence is an essential factor for living.  It is a God-given gift that imprinted into our hearts, and all we need to do is to use it with a proper motivation and dedication.

Facing the Giants

We-may-encounter-many-defeats-but-we-must-not-be-defeated.When we lose in facing the “giants” of life we should never surrender.  It’s normal in the game called life that we sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  Losing is not a discouragement, but it serves as our motivating factor to persevere in battling our own ‘giants” in life.  We should not be afraid when we will be experiencing defeat in our lives because it’s part of our growth as a person who struggles to be happy and fulfilled.  In every defeat that we experience especially the battle over our “giants” in life gives us an assurance to achieve success and victory with a smile in our hearts.  Hence, it is awe-inspiring that we achieve success and victory beginning from our failures and defeats, than giving-up and always cursing ourselves as losers because of misfortunes.

Losing also gives a balance in our day to day living.  God allows it in order for us to understand and recognize humility as a significant aspect of our struggles in life.  Humility is not all about underestimating and depreciating our capacities and ourselves in front of others; rather it is also about accepting the fact that sometimes we need to experience failures and defeats in life in order to gaze perfectly the beauty of success coming from our sweat, tears, and restlessness.  Humility makes us strong though we know that we are weak and incapable with some aspects in life.  It will also make us understand that life is beautiful though sometimes it is demanding and difficult.

Life is like a race; we struggle to run as fast as we can because we have dreams and aspirations in life that we need to chase.  But we cannot deny the fact that sometimes we fall short so we end up losing the race.  With this normal scenario in our lives, I’ve learned a lesson; as we move on with our races especially by defeating our own “giants” in life, we should never yield and give up and give up once we experience failures and defeat in life.  Let us learn how to be humble and will continue the race in spirit-filled.  Believing like we are a champion in life will never occur and be felt in our hearts unless we do our best: first by nurturing and planting the seed of humility into our lives; and second is by winning every battle that we are facing in life.  It will only be possible when we let humility inflame our hearts and minds.

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 4)

Pen-and-PaperIt’s hard to be motivated in life without an inspiration.  Inspiration serves as our energizer in order to be fully recharged in taking up demanding tasks and commitments.  Each and every one of us needs it especially when we feel weak and drained.  Hence, life is hard to be appreciated without the presence of inspiration which adds color and harmony to it.  Speaking of inspiration, I cannot escape myself with this reality that I too am in need of inspiration especially now that I am an aspiring blogger.  It’s hard to blog an interesting topic for my readers and viewers if you’re not inspired.  If I am not inspired it also affects also my write-ups on my blog.  Based on my experience, a blog that has no inspiration as an ingredient is a boring and a tasteless blog.  So, the tendency is that people will not read it or simply they will just ignore it.  From this I realized that inspiration does a lot of miracles and surprises in life.  Though it is just temporary and limited into our daily struggles in life, it has a revitalizing and motivating factor that greatly affects the entirety of a person’s conviction and experience.  Hence, inspiration is so important in our lives because it encourages us to move on with a happy heart and a smile in our faces despite the emerging complexities, anxieties, and burdens of life.

In my experience as an aspiring blogger, it really takes a lot of inspiration in order to pursue a blogging career.  Actually, before I begin to do my write-ups for my blog I pray first to God in order to ask for inspiration and enlightenment.  Indeed, it is a consolation with my part as blogger that I offer to God first all my insights and ideas before I blog it because from this simple act I am able to perceive that God does not fail me to grant all the necessary inspirations and motivations that I need.  From this, I am feeling that I am relieved even though blogging is a laborious and demanding activity.  From the past nine years I recognize that blogging is not a matter of accumulating followers and viewers, and craving for “likers”; it’s a matter of the heart that is willing to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to move on with their lives.  To conclude this, there’s a lesson that I learned from blogging, i.e. when you are inspired it’s worth sharing.