On loving the person who doesn’t love us

To be in love is one of the most wondrous experiences in life.  When we fall in love everything has a new meaning to give and life is not anymore ordinary but exciting and filled with enriching possibilities.

Indeed, falling in love is a great feeling and it gives us the power to see something unique and affirmable in the other which that person perhaps may have never sense or known.  But, what if you fall in love to someone who doesn’t love you; is falling in love still the most wondrous experience in life?  Hence, just what I have posted in my Facebook status last July 15, loving the person who doesn’t love you is the most difficult subject that we are ever likely to learn.

I asked myself; why does falling in love sometimes unfair and depressing; you’re truly, madly, deeply in love with someone but he or she doesn’t love you?  Some people say, God allows it to happen simply because He wants us to be more persistent and persevering in loving.  Loving is not all about expecting something extraordinary.  Expecting something extraordinary in loving will soon end up into great anxiety and embarrassment.  But, why does God allow it in the first place?  We all agree that God has already planned something for us including our real beloved in life.  Actually, it’s up to our free will whether we give up in loving that someone who doesn’t love us or not.

Yes, God has already prepared for us the suitable beloved for our life, but we have also the responsibility to use the integration of our free will and intellect to love that someone who doesn’t love us persistently and determinedly.  Perhaps, he or she is the one who prepared or planned for us by God.

Loving the person who doesn’t love us is really the most difficult subject that we are ever likely to learn.  It takes time, effort, hope, sincerity, and even faith.  For me, it is better to love those who don’t love us than those who loved us but in the end will leave us in pain, desperation, and regrets. By the way, loving those who don’t love us is an exercise of one of the beautiful gifts that God gave us on our birth, i.e. eternal love.

To love someone who doesn’t love us may be really heart-breaking and depressing, but it’s a blessing because it is on that instance that we express eternal love which is something precious and noteworthy, yet only few people recognize and cherish it.

Come What May

Come what may

Come what may

I will love you until my dying day

While I am arranging my new song playlist for my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone, which for me still handy, savvy, and techie even though it’s already faced-out in the market, the song Come What May sang by Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in the movie Moulin Rouge caught my interest. Actually, it was one of my favorite songs during my high school days after I watched and been fascinated by the movie, a tragic musical-love story movie which tells the story about Christian (Ewan McGregor), a poet/writer, who fell in love with the terminally-ill Moulin Rouge cabaret star Satine (Nicole Kidman). One of my favorite scenes in that movie is when Christian and Satine sang Come What May with passion and fervor. On that scene, love is shown as something beyond space and time, immortal, and perfect which when you let it overrule your heart it seems that everything is such a perfect place and a perfect grace. So, in order that my mind and heart be stirred once again by the unforgettable memories in that movie, I played the song. While listening to the song, my attention was caught by the lyrics which speaks about love as something afar from what we think and perceive about. Thus, the lyrics define love as something immeasurable, incomprehensible, and indestructible in spite of many imperfections and brokenness surrounds it.

As I reflect on the song a question from my curiosity popped-up my mind; “is this one of the manifestations or reflections of how God loves us?” Probably, yes. When God loves us suddenly the world becomes such a perfect place for us and we realize that it moves with such perfect grace because of His love. So, we love because we are loved. St. Bonaventure testified to this by saying that God came into this world because of love, and on that initiative of God we now share the love that He brought to us. That’s why we have the capacity to love. Love is not a mere feeling or romance, but a power to see the goodness and uniqueness of everything despite of its filthiness, woundedness and limitedness. But, love connotes responsibility. In a relationship, when you love someone you really need to die with yourself. Dying with ourselves is not all about giving everything that we have and not giving a space for ourselves; it’s all about being committed in a relationship and not hindering our capacity also to love ourselves. Hence, it is in loving ourselves first that we may be able to be committed in loving others or someone. Indeed, it takes a lot of self-emptying to love like God who has the capacity to see and regard things perfect and gracious in spite of its awful attributes.

Love is a verb. It always tends to act rather than to speak, because it believes that actions speaks louder than words. It’s hard to determine the goodness, uniqueness, and perfection of everything unless we love. In relationship, have we ever thought that when we fall in love it seems that everything is perfect and extraordinary? It’s the same feeling that God felt when He falls in love with us. I cannot exclude myself with this kind of feeling. When I fall in love it seems that there’s no mountain high enough and no river too wide for someone like me who wants to express this love to someone whom I really love and adore. Thus, nothing is impossible when love is put into action. Even though stars may collide, storm clouds may gather, and universe may conspire, love will still remain the same; loving until the end of time. God is really the author of love because He is love. Though His love is something mystical, we are always assure of His love because it has no end and it continues to flourish us every day. That’s why when we fall in love nothing is being left behind. Everything is important, distinctive, and wonderful though dreadful and unpleasant.

On Talents and Productivity

spc010319cloAt the end of this day two questions bothered my mind as I reflected upon the Gospel for today; am I grateful for the gifts and opportunities given me as a follower of the Lord?  Do I use my talents, whatever they are, to live out the commandment of love?  As I read upon the Gospel thoroughly the message is so obvious, i.e. we must use wisely and productively the talents or opportunities that the Lord has given and granted to us.  But, as I reexamined it and let it speaks unto my consciousness what struck me most is the intensity of its message.  The Gospel for today may look ordinary and palpable for me, but when I let it move my heart there’s something new that I discover within it especially when it speaks about perseverance of one’s talent.  This is what I learned from the Gospel; it’s not on the quantity of our talents that we may be able to become fruitful, productive, and responsible in life rather, it is on how we persevere in nurturing our talents even if they are just insignificant and eye-catching in front of others for the benefit of our life and of others.  In the Gospel, God assures us that whenever we used our talents productively He will surely say these words of consolation and appreciation to us; “Well done, my good and faithful servant.  Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities.  Come; share your master’s joy.”  It sounds uplifting and encouraging right!  So, the invitation of the Gospel for me today is not to give up persevering, showing, and giving the talents that I have for the betterment of my life and other’s life.  With this, it’s confirmable that when you give your whole self to others and nourish it productively it ripples joy.

Going back to the two questions that bothered my mind as I reflected upon the Gospel, I could say that I am doing my best to be grateful with the talents that I have even though it’s just only few and to live out the commandment of love through my talents.  I admit that there are also times that I fall short in this invitation of the Lord because of selfishness and self-interest.  But though there are these things that keep on hindering and disturbing my attention with the Lord’s invitation, I really still persevere though others may find it silly.  Just like I am doing right now; I blog because I would like to help, guide, inspire, and motivate people through my life and faith stories.  At first, I found blogging a boring stuff because I am not really gaining something and writing is not my passion.  But suddenly I realized that I have the talent in writing and God granted this gift to me so that I may be able to move the hearts of the people who long for Him and I may be able also to enlighten their minds that He is Love.  Realizing these things made me more encouraged to continue persevering in this talent and opportunity that God has given to me.  To be consistent with this kind of job is not so easy because it takes time, effort, and serious reflections.  But, it’s a worthwhile job because in my simple stories and reflections that I’ve shared I am proud to say that I already inspired and moved hearts and this what the Gospel for today is all about-disseminating the goodness of the Lord through our talents even if it’s minute and average in the eyes of the world; it’s already valuable and noteworthy in the eyes of God if and only if it’s persevered.