What a Life!


One afternoon, Barnie and his friend Boggart were walking around the Pagudpud Beach in Ilocos Norte while talking about their lives. Barnie said, “you know Boggart I am sick and tired of living this kind of life. Monotonous, stress-filled, irritating, and exhausting. I hate to live this life that I have. I envy you Boggart, because even if we have the same experience you still manage to be optimistic and calm. What’s the secret?” Suddenly, a beautiful and breath-taking sunset mesmerized the eyes of two friends and stunned them, made them stop from walking and watch the captivating scenery of the sunset in the beach. Then, Boggart exhorts, “you know Barnie life is too short. I also see my life as a waste when it gets rough. But, from that I realized, complaining about the discouraging events in our lives will not help us to see the beauty of our lives just like the breath-taking sunset we appreciate today by our own naked eyes. From the breath-taking sunset that appreciate today, I just realized now that life is a grace to be appreciated and valued. And, I am so thankful that through this experience I love my life.” The two friends were so happy and blessed to witness the captivating scenery of the sunset hovering the beautiful Pagudpud Beach.

#tidbitsforlife (LOVE+DEMANDS=TRUE LOVE)

love-hurts1Love until it hurts, Love until it hurts no more.  This is one of my favorite quotes of Mother Teresa of Calcutta which speaks about love.  As I reflect upon this quote, I realize that it is not so easy to love.  Pain is inevitable in the realm of love, but if we welcome it into our lives we will be able to understand that love is all about life-giving and not all about lip-service.  Love is sweet when we say it with rhythm and harmony, but it is also bitter in praxis or in the way we accept its challenge.  From this assertion, we should understand that love is demanding.  It always requires us to sacrifice something for the sake of truth and commitment.  But though it’s demanding when we let ourselves abide on its significance, it will never fail us to recognize the beauty of life.  Only love could lead us into the path of light.  Why love is hard to figure out?  Why words are insufficient in order to define, describe, and explain the immensity of love into our souls?  Why it’s hard to get and difficult to express?  It’s because love is not cheap.  It is something that we need to be serious about once we deal with it.  Love is a God-given gift for all of us and not a product of manipulation and of the world’s ideology.  It is something imprinted by God into our hearts which cannot forced or coerced.  So, we cannot fathom its real identity into our lives because it flows calmly and serenely.  That’s why love is demanding and we can only accept its demands unless we are at peace with ourselves.  Only in peace that we could love all the more in spite of the pains, discouragements, sufferings, and sacrifices that we encounter on it as we do our best to fulfill our duty to love with all our hearts, with all our soul, and with all our strength.

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 3)

Develop-success-from-failures.-Discouragement__quotes-by-Dale-Carnegie-87My mind is blank today.  I don’t know what to write and reflect upon because I am bothered with so many conflicts, problems, and difficulties in life.  It’s really so hard to chase the impossible stars that you are aspiring for in life when you are hopeless.  When to hope seems to tough, discouragement arises, and so, I am out of focus today.  As an aspiring blogger I consider discouragement as a disease.  It occurs whenever I am too preoccupied with so many things especially in terms of other important obligations and relationships.  I have just realized that the more you are really doing your best in being consistent on following and fulfilling your dreams and aspirations in life, the more it also makes you prone from the pangs of boredom, uneasiness, mental black-out, and discouragement.  Thus, there’s no easy way in achieving one’s dreams and aspirations.  It takes time and effort, but it strengthens our motivation to succeed.

As I reflect upon the discouragement that I feel today, one of the insights coming from Lao Tzu popped-up into my mind which says; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  He’s right.  Success can never be achieved unless we consider every humble beginning that we encounter in our struggles.  Big things come from small things, so small things should never be underestimated.  As we struggle along the way, it’s an undeniable factor that discouragement is a fact of every person’s determination.  But, we should never stop chasing and reaching the unreachable star of our dreams and aspirations in life.  Discouragement is always there trying to block our way as we continue to move on, but we should not forget that it could also serve as our stepping stone towards success.  From this insight, I learned that I should never be afraid of discouragement.  How could I achieve and reach my dreams and aspirations if I will allow myself to be affected by the blows of discouragement?  Bearing this in mind, I should not treat it as a threat but as a friend.  Now, I realize, I should not give up whenever discouragements seem to dim my vision, instead, I should divert it as single steps that will lead me towards the path of success.