On loving the person who doesn’t love us

To be in love is one of the most wondrous experiences in life.  When we fall in love everything has a new meaning to give and life is not anymore ordinary but exciting and filled with enriching possibilities.

Indeed, falling in love is a great feeling and it gives us the power to see something unique and affirmable in the other which that person perhaps may have never sense or known.  But, what if you fall in love to someone who doesn’t love you; is falling in love still the most wondrous experience in life?  Hence, just what I have posted in my Facebook status last July 15, loving the person who doesn’t love you is the most difficult subject that we are ever likely to learn.

I asked myself; why does falling in love sometimes unfair and depressing; you’re truly, madly, deeply in love with someone but he or she doesn’t love you?  Some people say, God allows it to happen simply because He wants us to be more persistent and persevering in loving.  Loving is not all about expecting something extraordinary.  Expecting something extraordinary in loving will soon end up into great anxiety and embarrassment.  But, why does God allow it in the first place?  We all agree that God has already planned something for us including our real beloved in life.  Actually, it’s up to our free will whether we give up in loving that someone who doesn’t love us or not.

Yes, God has already prepared for us the suitable beloved for our life, but we have also the responsibility to use the integration of our free will and intellect to love that someone who doesn’t love us persistently and determinedly.  Perhaps, he or she is the one who prepared or planned for us by God.

Loving the person who doesn’t love us is really the most difficult subject that we are ever likely to learn.  It takes time, effort, hope, sincerity, and even faith.  For me, it is better to love those who don’t love us than those who loved us but in the end will leave us in pain, desperation, and regrets. By the way, loving those who don’t love us is an exercise of one of the beautiful gifts that God gave us on our birth, i.e. eternal love.

To love someone who doesn’t love us may be really heart-breaking and depressing, but it’s a blessing because it is on that instance that we express eternal love which is something precious and noteworthy, yet only few people recognize and cherish it.

The Broken Road (Part 3)

broken-road-3807f1Why do I need to love the broken roads that I walk through?  Why do I need to accept the fact that they are my one-way ticket going to the Loving presence of the Lord?  These are the many questions which really bother me a lot as I reflect upon the inevitableness of life’s broken roads.  It is really hard to find an answer to these questions because it takes a lot of pondering and self-emptying.  But, as I have just realized; though answers may not be enough in answering the questions in my mind, it’s okay.  What matters most is the experience of being a pilgrim of my own broken roads.

Why some roads in life should be broken? Actually, as I reflected upon this question that suddenly popped-up into my mind, it took me 30 minutes to reflect and to search for an answer.  Unfortunately, I never found any.  From this experience I realized that we cannot really fathom into our thoughts and our own words of what’s really behind the mind of God.  Indeed, God’s ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.  All I can say about being about being a pilgrim of my own broken roads is this; lessons in life are truly manifested on every tough and difficult journey.  In life, it’s really hard to accept that in every smooth journey there will always be an encounter of broken roads which challenges our perseverance and endurance to reach our destinations that we aspire for.  But, is this an indication for me to give up.  No, because I believe that its God’s way for me to strengthen my determination to pursue His plans and aspirations for me.  I know that it’s not easy in my part to accept the fact that life is not an easy journey.  But I know He will never leave me behind.  He believes in me and He trust me.  In this way, God would like to see in me that I am true and serious on what I am always saying to Him; i.e. He is enough for me.