Starting All Over Again

28d652ebb9b0b9dec2f99cd3703e88a3 (1)It’s never too late when we start all over again.  Life is full of probabilities to improve ourselves starting from the basic.  There’s nothing wrong when we will going to repeat what we have started before.  It’s not about cowardice that we start all over again; it’s about humility and being true to ourselves that sometimes we fall short on our determination to achieve a better and productive life, so we need really to go back from the start.

My experience as a blogger is full of starting all over again.  I cannot deny the fact that I am prone with exhaustions and fatigues especially when I am not anymore enthusiastic and consistent in blogging.  It’s really hard to start all over again.  It’s tiring and demanding.  It is also time and energy consuming.  But, when I take the risk to go back from the beginning, it refreshed me to do blogging again.  To go back from the beginning opened my mind to welcome new insights and ideas which became a motivational factor for my blogs to be more consistent, coherent, sincere, encouraging, and person-oriented.  With this experience I found out a lesson which is so very important as a blogger and as a human person; that life cannot be measured by how many achievements and successes that I gained, it’s on how many times that I humble myself in every beginnings that I encounter as I move on.

Deep inside my heart, I cannot but go back to every instance in my life that I consider to start all over again.  It’s very humbling indeed to remember that day that really reveals what it means not to give up despite the onslaught of discouragement and distress.  It’s really difficult to start all over again, but that’s life.  In every downfall we experienced in life we cannot but go back from the basic and to be inspired once again by it in order for us to stand once again from our downfalls and continue to move on.  Indeed, life is really full of probabilities if and only if we consider into our lives that it’s really important to go back from the beginning.  Every beginning is our first inspiration to move on and I believe this is the key for success.

On Talents and Productivity

spc010319cloAt the end of this day two questions bothered my mind as I reflected upon the Gospel for today; am I grateful for the gifts and opportunities given me as a follower of the Lord?  Do I use my talents, whatever they are, to live out the commandment of love?  As I read upon the Gospel thoroughly the message is so obvious, i.e. we must use wisely and productively the talents or opportunities that the Lord has given and granted to us.  But, as I reexamined it and let it speaks unto my consciousness what struck me most is the intensity of its message.  The Gospel for today may look ordinary and palpable for me, but when I let it move my heart there’s something new that I discover within it especially when it speaks about perseverance of one’s talent.  This is what I learned from the Gospel; it’s not on the quantity of our talents that we may be able to become fruitful, productive, and responsible in life rather, it is on how we persevere in nurturing our talents even if they are just insignificant and eye-catching in front of others for the benefit of our life and of others.  In the Gospel, God assures us that whenever we used our talents productively He will surely say these words of consolation and appreciation to us; “Well done, my good and faithful servant.  Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities.  Come; share your master’s joy.”  It sounds uplifting and encouraging right!  So, the invitation of the Gospel for me today is not to give up persevering, showing, and giving the talents that I have for the betterment of my life and other’s life.  With this, it’s confirmable that when you give your whole self to others and nourish it productively it ripples joy.

Going back to the two questions that bothered my mind as I reflected upon the Gospel, I could say that I am doing my best to be grateful with the talents that I have even though it’s just only few and to live out the commandment of love through my talents.  I admit that there are also times that I fall short in this invitation of the Lord because of selfishness and self-interest.  But though there are these things that keep on hindering and disturbing my attention with the Lord’s invitation, I really still persevere though others may find it silly.  Just like I am doing right now; I blog because I would like to help, guide, inspire, and motivate people through my life and faith stories.  At first, I found blogging a boring stuff because I am not really gaining something and writing is not my passion.  But suddenly I realized that I have the talent in writing and God granted this gift to me so that I may be able to move the hearts of the people who long for Him and I may be able also to enlighten their minds that He is Love.  Realizing these things made me more encouraged to continue persevering in this talent and opportunity that God has given to me.  To be consistent with this kind of job is not so easy because it takes time, effort, and serious reflections.  But, it’s a worthwhile job because in my simple stories and reflections that I’ve shared I am proud to say that I already inspired and moved hearts and this what the Gospel for today is all about-disseminating the goodness of the Lord through our talents even if it’s minute and average in the eyes of the world; it’s already valuable and noteworthy in the eyes of God if and only if it’s persevered.

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 6)

Bored-ImageDays have passed and I am still in difficulty to produce something catchy, inspiring, and entertaining for my blog.  So, I feel so bored today as I really try to be consistent in updating my blog.  As I really felt down and tardy today, I fall down on my knees and pray in front of the crucifix.  This is what I prayed to the Lord:

Lord, I would like to write something on my blog, but I don’t know what I should write.  It seems I am not inspired and my mind does not produce insightful thoughts that are intended for inspiring my readers and praising you.  I asked myself; Is this a manifestation that words are insufficient to describe how immense is Your love for me and for those who long for it?  Truly enough, words are insufficient for me to describe and to feel the intensity of Your love.  Truly enough, words fly but Your love remains the same.

Lord, I have a dream, i.e. to inspire and motivate people through my insights, writings, and speeches.  But, I admit, I am incapable on these things.  My insights are not appealing to the people because it sounds ordinary and intriguing especially when it pertains to my identity and personality.  I am not a good writer, because my mind and my hands are too clumsy.  I am not a good speaker because I have a stage-fright and I am not also appealing to the audience.  Lord, even though I don’t have the guts and I am incapable to motivate and inspire people through my insights, writings, and speeches; please help me to attain those aspirations of mine.  Lord, I see myself as a motivational speaker and writer someday, but fear hinders me to chase and to fulfill these dreams.  Lord, take me out from this fear and boredom, so that I may attain these longings of my heart.  May you also enlighten my heart and mind, so that through the gifts that I am longing, I may be able to love you all the more and all of my being.  Lord, if it’s your will, THY WILL BE DONE. Amen.

Sounds sloppy right!  Actually, for me it sounds romantic because this is how I love the Lord; i.e. being sincere and honest about what I feel, what’s on my mind, and what’s happening to me in front of Him.

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 5)

WimpyI have spent many years already in blogging but until now I am not gaining something.  I envy those who truly succeed in their blogging career simply because they have the means to be more consistent and competitive in this activity.  Actually, my wish is that my blog site will be independent in WordPress and make it as my own website in order to gain something for my write-ups which I really thought, reflected, and wrote painstakingly.  Upon looking forward and hoping for my impossible dream in blogging industry, I realized something which opened my eyes and broke my heart into tears of joy and contentment.

As I went through customizing my blog stuffs and reading my old write-ups, I cannot but be distracted by the “likes”.  To be honest, I have just few “likes” and “few comments” in some of my write-ups, but these little things made me realized that even though I am not gaining something in “wasting” my time for blogging, I have inspired people in my story.  Though they are only few, I considered it as the greatest consolation that I received in my life.  From this inspiration, I believe that blogging is not all about business and a profit-gaining activity, but it’s all about leading, guiding, motivating, and inspiring people to move on into their lives who are being succumbed by the vicious cycle of monotonies and complexities of this generation.  Although I have still this longing to be at least gain something in blogging, to inspire someone and be appreciated by the blogs that you did is already enough for me to be proud of my efforts and my great attentiveness in blogging.

Indeed, to lead, to guide, to motivate, and to inspire people with my stories is the greatest achievement that I have ever experienced in my life as a blogger.  Whenever my write-ups are being appreciated and acknowledged, I cannot but humble myself.  With this, I realized that there are things in life which are greater than the value of gaining a profit in blogging.  Although I admit that there’s still a longing inside my heart to gain something on the efforts that I am exerting in blogging, I am still happy and contented that even though I am not gaining a cost in blogging, what counts is that I lead, guide, motivate, and inspire people; and it’s priceless.

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 4)

Pen-and-PaperIt’s hard to be motivated in life without an inspiration.  Inspiration serves as our energizer in order to be fully recharged in taking up demanding tasks and commitments.  Each and every one of us needs it especially when we feel weak and drained.  Hence, life is hard to be appreciated without the presence of inspiration which adds color and harmony to it.  Speaking of inspiration, I cannot escape myself with this reality that I too am in need of inspiration especially now that I am an aspiring blogger.  It’s hard to blog an interesting topic for my readers and viewers if you’re not inspired.  If I am not inspired it also affects also my write-ups on my blog.  Based on my experience, a blog that has no inspiration as an ingredient is a boring and a tasteless blog.  So, the tendency is that people will not read it or simply they will just ignore it.  From this I realized that inspiration does a lot of miracles and surprises in life.  Though it is just temporary and limited into our daily struggles in life, it has a revitalizing and motivating factor that greatly affects the entirety of a person’s conviction and experience.  Hence, inspiration is so important in our lives because it encourages us to move on with a happy heart and a smile in our faces despite the emerging complexities, anxieties, and burdens of life.

In my experience as an aspiring blogger, it really takes a lot of inspiration in order to pursue a blogging career.  Actually, before I begin to do my write-ups for my blog I pray first to God in order to ask for inspiration and enlightenment.  Indeed, it is a consolation with my part as blogger that I offer to God first all my insights and ideas before I blog it because from this simple act I am able to perceive that God does not fail me to grant all the necessary inspirations and motivations that I need.  From this, I am feeling that I am relieved even though blogging is a laborious and demanding activity.  From the past nine years I recognize that blogging is not a matter of accumulating followers and viewers, and craving for “likers”; it’s a matter of the heart that is willing to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to move on with their lives.  To conclude this, there’s a lesson that I learned from blogging, i.e. when you are inspired it’s worth sharing.

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 3)

Develop-success-from-failures.-Discouragement__quotes-by-Dale-Carnegie-87My mind is blank today.  I don’t know what to write and reflect upon because I am bothered with so many conflicts, problems, and difficulties in life.  It’s really so hard to chase the impossible stars that you are aspiring for in life when you are hopeless.  When to hope seems to tough, discouragement arises, and so, I am out of focus today.  As an aspiring blogger I consider discouragement as a disease.  It occurs whenever I am too preoccupied with so many things especially in terms of other important obligations and relationships.  I have just realized that the more you are really doing your best in being consistent on following and fulfilling your dreams and aspirations in life, the more it also makes you prone from the pangs of boredom, uneasiness, mental black-out, and discouragement.  Thus, there’s no easy way in achieving one’s dreams and aspirations.  It takes time and effort, but it strengthens our motivation to succeed.

As I reflect upon the discouragement that I feel today, one of the insights coming from Lao Tzu popped-up into my mind which says; a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  He’s right.  Success can never be achieved unless we consider every humble beginning that we encounter in our struggles.  Big things come from small things, so small things should never be underestimated.  As we struggle along the way, it’s an undeniable factor that discouragement is a fact of every person’s determination.  But, we should never stop chasing and reaching the unreachable star of our dreams and aspirations in life.  Discouragement is always there trying to block our way as we continue to move on, but we should not forget that it could also serve as our stepping stone towards success.  From this insight, I learned that I should never be afraid of discouragement.  How could I achieve and reach my dreams and aspirations if I will allow myself to be affected by the blows of discouragement?  Bearing this in mind, I should not treat it as a threat but as a friend.  Now, I realize, I should not give up whenever discouragements seem to dim my vision, instead, I should divert it as single steps that will lead me towards the path of success.    

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 2)

10320601_10202520834959212_628536414969784514_nIt’s not easy to be a blogger.  Sometimes you really need a lot of patience in order to come up with a topic that will capture the attention of your readers.  There are times that writing something for my blog is too boring because it seems that inspirations does not cooperate well into my mind, heart, and hands.  Words are also seemingly losing its taste and ardor for my sense as I am doing my very best to write something for my blog painstakingly.  From this experience I realized that there’s no easy way to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.  You really need to go through the process in order to reach it.  Though the process may sometimes be too difficult to take, we mu still continue moving on and doing all the best that we can.  This is what I am doing; even though blogging may sometimes be too boring, I really motivate myself to do it thinking of my purpose and why am I blogging, i.e. to inspire and motivate people through my personal experiences and reflections about life and love.  Though I find blogging not easy and tasking, I am so thankful that some people reads it and appreciates the effort that I am exerting for it, and that’s what fades my hesitation to continue writing my reflections and that motivates my reader.  As I go on into blogging, it’s really nice to go back with your humble beginnings.  I even have dreams and aspirations for my blog.  I too am in need of upgrading my blog site in order that my blogs may cater a lot of readers around the world, but it is not yet fully realized because I don’t have the means.  In spite of this thing that hinders my enthusiasm to keep on blogging, I still go on.  For me it doesn’t matter whether my blog site is highly upgraded; what is more important is that for me not to stop writing and blogging even though few people appreciate what I am doing.  Blogging is my alter ego, and it will always make a harmonious music to all even though few people listens to it well.  

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 1)

10526142_10202759897735632_861725259700457231_nSomeone asked me this question: “Why are you wasting your time blogging and writing knowing the fact that you’re not even gaining a profit from it?”  I stopped writing, I look into his eyes and answer him; “I am not writing and blogging for the sake of profit, I just want to reach my dream to become a motivational writer someday that would inspire people to continue moving on with their lives despite the trials and difficulties that they are experiencing.  From this simple activity, I would also like to inspire people to reach their dreams no matter how difficult their journey, and also I would like that people may be aware that the path for change and conversion is still possible until now based on my experiences.”

I started this blog way back 2009. I did not expect that I will gain any profit with this blog.  I just want to inspire people by my blogs without any cost in return.  Unfortunately, some of my friends are discouraging me to blog because it’s just a waste of time and energy, but I did not give up blogging my insights and experiences.  Although it is difficult for me to be consistent in blogging, I still did not stop.  I still continued in spite of its hardships and demands because I believed that I am doing this not for my own benefit, but for the benefit of those people who are longing for answers and encouragements with their lives.

The one that I long as a blogger whose want is to inspire people is that I want to make my blog in WordPress as my personal blog or as my own webpage.  This is my only dream for myself as I am already blogging already for six years.  I don’t have any sufficient funding for my blog, because I just only receive an allowance sufficient enough for my personal needs.  I don’t have any efficient laptops like iPad, tablets, or smartphones that will make my blogging more consistent.  All that I have is an old Steno notebook, a pen, and an old desktop computer which I consider as my only “precious things” as a blogger.  To be honest, I long for an opportunity in blogging that will give me just a little amount of profit for sustaining my blog, but until now I didn’t find any.  Even though I have this impossible and unreachable dream as a blogger, I did not stop blogging my insights and experiences. 

Blogging is my passion and it is my way of expressing my insights and experiences that hopefully will give inspiration and motivation for my readers.  Despite the fact that for others blogging is just a waste of time and energy, but for me it’s a blessing because it serves and caters me as a means to see myself and my struggles in life as I put it into writing and blogging.  As a blogger, I will continue what I have started even though I am not gaining something.  I believe, what I am doing is a noble thing which also contributes something to people’s lives and for those who are searching for meanings and reasons of their existence here on earth.