On loving the person who doesn’t love us

To be in love is one of the most wondrous experiences in life.  When we fall in love everything has a new meaning to give and life is not anymore ordinary but exciting and filled with enriching possibilities.

Indeed, falling in love is a great feeling and it gives us the power to see something unique and affirmable in the other which that person perhaps may have never sense or known.  But, what if you fall in love to someone who doesn’t love you; is falling in love still the most wondrous experience in life?  Hence, just what I have posted in my Facebook status last July 15, loving the person who doesn’t love you is the most difficult subject that we are ever likely to learn.

I asked myself; why does falling in love sometimes unfair and depressing; you’re truly, madly, deeply in love with someone but he or she doesn’t love you?  Some people say, God allows it to happen simply because He wants us to be more persistent and persevering in loving.  Loving is not all about expecting something extraordinary.  Expecting something extraordinary in loving will soon end up into great anxiety and embarrassment.  But, why does God allow it in the first place?  We all agree that God has already planned something for us including our real beloved in life.  Actually, it’s up to our free will whether we give up in loving that someone who doesn’t love us or not.

Yes, God has already prepared for us the suitable beloved for our life, but we have also the responsibility to use the integration of our free will and intellect to love that someone who doesn’t love us persistently and determinedly.  Perhaps, he or she is the one who prepared or planned for us by God.

Loving the person who doesn’t love us is really the most difficult subject that we are ever likely to learn.  It takes time, effort, hope, sincerity, and even faith.  For me, it is better to love those who don’t love us than those who loved us but in the end will leave us in pain, desperation, and regrets. By the way, loving those who don’t love us is an exercise of one of the beautiful gifts that God gave us on our birth, i.e. eternal love.

To love someone who doesn’t love us may be really heart-breaking and depressing, but it’s a blessing because it is on that instance that we express eternal love which is something precious and noteworthy, yet only few people recognize and cherish it.

The Broken Road (Part 1)

Bless_the_Broken_Road_by_UCSDwaspEvery journey are sometimes challenging, embarrassing, and difficult.  Unfortunate events and hopelessness may come along the way as we walk through this life.  Hence, it’s really too hard to accept the fact that there are broken roads which really hinders us to see the beauty and the significance of God’s love, mercy, and compassion into our lives.  I myself could say that I am not exempted to experience this inevitable reality.  An old maxim is right on saying that in every man’s journey there are challenges to endure, difficulties to bear, and pains to accept.  But, along my journey, what it seems to be tragic, depressing, perplex, uneasy, and unwelcoming to my naked eyes is grace in the eyes of faith?  Why?  Why broken roads in my life are blessings in disguise in order that I may be able to feel and abide the love of God into my life?

It may be ironic to say that every broken road into our lives is a saving grace.  How I may be able to feel okay, hopeful, and joyful if I am crying in pain and sorrow along the several broken roads that I encounter in my journey?  As I contemplate upon this, I realized that every broken road in life is part of a grandeur plan prepared for me by God.  Henceforth, if there’s always rainbow after the rain, it’s the same with every road that I encounter along my journey.  There are always straight roads after broken roads.  It means to say, in every pain there’s joy; in every struggle, there’s gain; in every sorrow; there’s love, and in every challenges; there’s hope.  In this realization, the invitation of God for me is this, not to lose patience and faith on facing every broken road in my life.  Yes, I admit that I am not comfortable to be okay and optimistic in facing every broken road that I walk through in life.  But, this is what it means to welcome the love of God into my life.  It’s unbearable and unacceptable, but how may I able to recognize His love into my life, if even I cannot let myself pass into the needle’s eye?

My Experience as a “WIMPY” blogger (Part 1)

10526142_10202759897735632_861725259700457231_nSomeone asked me this question: “Why are you wasting your time blogging and writing knowing the fact that you’re not even gaining a profit from it?”  I stopped writing, I look into his eyes and answer him; “I am not writing and blogging for the sake of profit, I just want to reach my dream to become a motivational writer someday that would inspire people to continue moving on with their lives despite the trials and difficulties that they are experiencing.  From this simple activity, I would also like to inspire people to reach their dreams no matter how difficult their journey, and also I would like that people may be aware that the path for change and conversion is still possible until now based on my experiences.”

I started this blog way back 2009. I did not expect that I will gain any profit with this blog.  I just want to inspire people by my blogs without any cost in return.  Unfortunately, some of my friends are discouraging me to blog because it’s just a waste of time and energy, but I did not give up blogging my insights and experiences.  Although it is difficult for me to be consistent in blogging, I still did not stop.  I still continued in spite of its hardships and demands because I believed that I am doing this not for my own benefit, but for the benefit of those people who are longing for answers and encouragements with their lives.

The one that I long as a blogger whose want is to inspire people is that I want to make my blog in WordPress as my personal blog or as my own webpage.  This is my only dream for myself as I am already blogging already for six years.  I don’t have any sufficient funding for my blog, because I just only receive an allowance sufficient enough for my personal needs.  I don’t have any efficient laptops like iPad, tablets, or smartphones that will make my blogging more consistent.  All that I have is an old Steno notebook, a pen, and an old desktop computer which I consider as my only “precious things” as a blogger.  To be honest, I long for an opportunity in blogging that will give me just a little amount of profit for sustaining my blog, but until now I didn’t find any.  Even though I have this impossible and unreachable dream as a blogger, I did not stop blogging my insights and experiences. 

Blogging is my passion and it is my way of expressing my insights and experiences that hopefully will give inspiration and motivation for my readers.  Despite the fact that for others blogging is just a waste of time and energy, but for me it’s a blessing because it serves and caters me as a means to see myself and my struggles in life as I put it into writing and blogging.  As a blogger, I will continue what I have started even though I am not gaining something.  I believe, what I am doing is a noble thing which also contributes something to people’s lives and for those who are searching for meanings and reasons of their existence here on earth.