Give In


We easily give in to what we desire and crave for. To give in, shall I say is somehow the fragile aspect of our existence as human with intellect and will. To give in is an uncontrollable phenomenon. When we want something new and trending we give in to our self. When it’s attracting and tempting, we cannot but give in despite the patience and self-control. Sad to say, we no longer understand and appreciate the virtue of waiting, endurance and delayed gratification. We tend to get things abrupt and instant. This realization opened up my awareness that our tendency to give in to our self is something for us to be evaluated and re-evaluated seriously. Just like in building a love-relationship, rushing too much and giving in to our own emotions doesn’t mean will lead us into a happy love-relationship. For me, a happy and firm relationship takes a deeper sense of faith and sacrifices. When we love, we must be always ready and prepared to face the reality of life, hence waiting for the right timing and patience are one of the most important thing to avoid unnecessary failures and unhappy relationships.

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