A Life of Peace


Are we really peaceful nowadays?  Are we really living in peace?  In my belief, we truly need peace nowadays.  Amidst the clashing of noises that our world today is encountering, our hearts are still longing and yearning for peace.  It’s so sickening and distressing already to engage ourselves on the different noises the world is offering to us today.  This is my realization; I thought noise is more appealing and engaging in life because it really entertains you and lures you to be get involved on it, but the risk is the more noises that you absorb in life, the more complexities that you will encounter later on.  And so, the essence of peace loses its taste and ardor when we let noise to sway our lives.  Hence, it’s indeed a continuous struggle to long for it.

Do we really know how we may be able to conquer the noise through peace?  This is what I pondered; the ambiance of noise in our lives will only be conquered if we will let it to begin in our hearts.  Peace is not just an absence of conflict or war.  It is a positive reality that all of us must recognize and appropriate. Indeed, the quest for peace of mind and heart cannot be considered as an attainable reality when you’re disturbed, anxious, and depressed with so many preoccupations and agitations in life.  So, give peace a chance to overrule our lives.  Lend our ears to it so that we may be able to appreciate its beautiful music and harmony that it brings to us.  Open our minds and hearts to it because it will only be felt if and only if we welcome it and allow it to penetrate our existence.  A life of peace is truly manifested when man’s beautiful relationship with God, neighbor, environment, and even his/her self is fully realized and being given a real importance.

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