Of Gossips and Men


Gossip is evil.  It kills not only us and also our capacity to relate, but also relationship itself.  Every time I hear gossips everywhere I easily become indignant about it because I am a victim of gossips.  What an irony to live a life with a lot of gossips everywhere.  I cannot but have the tendency to depreciate the quality of life nowadays.  Why gossip?  Is our life a showbiz?  There’s a need nowadays to check and balance the kind of trend that we are liking and following up to.  It’s really unpleasant and sickening to hear gossips which impedes what’s sincerely true and certainly honest.  Hence, correct me if I’m wrong, people nowadays are not fond anymore of validating and confirming what’s true and half true.  Gossips now are relatively true and tantamount to truth.  Sounds irritating, annoying, frustrating, and maddening, but this what’s happening now as we live this life controlled by the theatrics of several men known as ‘gossipers’.

Gossips are everywhere; in homes, offices, institutions, schools, media, social media, and even in churches.  Sometimes subtle, yet cunning.  Oftentimes constructive, yet deadly.  Worst scenario; it also serves as a cause for atrocity in cold blood, discrimination, rejection, hatred, confusion, and misinterpretation.  Life is so ironic to think about this; a gossip a day makes someone’s life in hell.  Well, no one cares about it so ‘damnations’ continue to rule in our lives.  Do we really understand about these consequences as we gossips our neighbors?

I said a while ago that I am a victim of gossips.  A portion of my life was ruined because of ‘constructive’ gossips.  Now, they are happy about it because I am shamed and belittled, but on my part I suffered a lot.  I experienced being mocked and scorned because of several ‘constructive’ gossips that became true and factual.  And worst, I was judged as a bad person.  I really feel so bad about it until now.  It’s really hard to move on in life when gossips hinder and manipulate you and your actuations.  It’s really disturbing, upsetting, and distressing to hear gossips far and wide.  In my experience, gossip is really the corruption of truth.  It is also a stumbling-block for attaining and realizing a sincere and mature relationship.  Before we judge a person through gossips, why not ask him/her first some questions for clarification about what we heard or witnessed, or about some issues that are seemingly related to his/her personality or actuations in a polite and respectful manner?  I think this is more courteous and  more dignified way of treating and considering a person with reverence and esteem rather than making fun of him/her, ridiculing him/her, and putting him/her down through gossips.  Remember; a single gossip is more surely and certainly kills a person instantly than a multiple stab of a knife or a single shot of a bullet in the head.  So, think and ponder first what we utter to others about a particular issue of a person before we judge him/her according to our own suppositions and presumptions.


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