Goodbye and Thank You 2015; Hello 2016 :)


My year 2015 was really a challenging and perplexing year for me.  I experienced a lot of pitfalls, pains, regrets, discouragements, inconsistencies, and stress although I also experienced a lot of realizations, moving on, successes, and accomplishments.  Indeed, my life last 2015 was like a TV series with 365 episodes which also includes a lot of surprises, a lot of twists and turns, nostalgias, and astonishments.  However, my year 2015 was still a blessing for me even though challenging and perplexing.

What I really cherished in my year 2015 was I moved on and I let go even though there’s a need for improvement.  It’s really hard and painful to learn to move on and to let go, but I did it.  How?  Acceptance, patience, surrendering, believing.  Four things that I’ve learned in 2015 which became very significant in my journey towards fulfilment.  These four things made me realize that life is not all about conquering our daily struggles, but befriending it.  Henceforth, I moved on and I let go because I accept that I am weak, but loved; I forgive myself and other patiently even if it hurts; I surrender to God all of my fears, my plans, ambitions, desires, and even the one that I really love most; and I started to believe that these will lead me to achieve what I yearn most, i.e. peace of mind and heart.

2015 has now reach its end, so welcome 2016.  For this year, I have three New Year’s Resolutions; (1) That I may continue to move on and let go with no hesitations in my mind and heart, (2) That I may learn how to love with all sincerity, seriousness, and trust, and (3) That I may really achieve peace of mind and heart despite the many setbacks, failures, and shortcoming I will be still encountering in my life’s journey.  I know these sounds hard to accomplish.  I pray that God may help me to achieve these three New Year’s resolutions possibly.

For those who follow my blog site, read, liked and commented my write-ups, and appreciated my insights and personal stories, a million thanks to all of you.  Because of your appreciations, I am humbled and also encouraged to write more.  Please continue to support my blog site and help me also to be more consistent, concise, and compelling.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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