#ChristmaSerye (On Sharing our Blessedness this Christmas)


Today is the Fourth Sunday of Advent and it indicates that Christmas is almost near.  Hearing that its four days to go before Christmas, we cannot but feel excited about it.  But, before we feel excited about the nearing natal day of Jesus, let us reflect upon the gospel for today which speaks about the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth.

Pondering the gospel for today, the word ‘blessed’ pops-up in my mind that suggests motivation or encouragement for us to welcome the Word made flesh humbly, joyfully, and wholeheartedly.  Mary gave us an example of how to welcome the Word made flesh with conviction, courage, and trust despite perhaps the hesitations and fears that tempt her to doubt the Lord’s plan for her unveiled through Angel Gabriel’s message in the Annunciation episode.  Filled with joy that in her womb is the Son of God conceived by the Holy Spirit, Mary shared this immense joy to her cousin Elizabeth who is also blessed by the Lord and pregnant at her old age.  What this visitation episode means for our lives? How should this be related to our daily lives?  We should affirm the fact that we are all blessed by the Word made flesh’s mercy and love.  But, we should be aware also that the gospel for today invites us to share our blessedness to others with joy and humility in our hearts.  Hence, the visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth reminds and invites us that the real spirit of Christmas is sharing our blessedness to others so that they too may experience their blessedness rooted in Christ’s love.

We pray that the Lord may grant us the grace to share our blessedness to others just like Mary did; she shared her blessedness to Elizabeth humbly, full of joy, and wholeheartedly.  May the Lord bless us all this coming Christmas.      

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