#ChristmaSerye (What makes us moved this Christmas?)


What makes us moved this Christmas?  Is that the Thank you for your Love of ABS-CBN; or perhaps the MaGMAhalan Tayo of GMA 7; or maybe the Christmas TV jingle of TV five?  It’s really evident that what controls the real theme of Christmas is not the liturgy itself but the different TV stations.  Now, the main theme of the different TV stations for Christmas is all about love which I think is alright and somehow gives a gist about Christmas.  But, as I ponder this, another question pops-up in my mind; what kind of LOVE that Christmas wants to suggests for us today?  Is it what really ABS-CBN, GMA7, and TV5 proposing and emphasizing in their Christmas jingles?  Probably, they’re right in saying that Christmas is all about being loved and to love.  However, is that all?

For me, Christmas is not just all about loving itself, or saying it as the season of being loved.  It must lead us to love including those who does not love us and being rooted on the love of God who became like us in the person of the Baby Jesus born in a manger.  Yes, it is good to see in different Christmas TV ID station jingles the different faces and expressions of love in celebrating Christmas.  Nonetheless, we should not forget the real message of Christmas as love, i.e. the Baby Jesus born in a manger-the reason of love and ours loves.

Hence, what makes us moved this Christmas?  It’s up to us, but what I would like emphasize on my reflection for today is the Baby Jesus which really makes Christmas a season of LOVE.          

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