#ChristmaSerye (The Real Reason of Christmas)


Christmas is near and we cannot but be excited about it.  New gifts, parties, and groovy songs and dances are waiting at stake which really suggests enjoyment and celebration.  But, have we ever do our best to ponder the significance of Christmas into our lives?  Have we really able to see the impact of it in our daily struggles aiming to attain the newness of life?  Let’s join me to journey this Christmas with the purpose of reflecting upon the real importance of Christmas in our lives.

Whenever I perceive that Christmas is near, I cannot but remember the many Christmases that have passed in my life since when I was a child.  I realized, Christmas celebration can never be the same just like the past Christmases when you’re growing up.  It matures, deepened, and become meaningful all the more when we allow our growth to be influenced by it.  On the other hand, what makes it remain the same or similar just like the other Christmases from the past?  Actually, it’s not on the decoration nor the celebrations, nor the gifts itself which really makes it remain the same, it’s the Baby who is born in a  manger, i.e. Jesus.  It’s Jesus who is born on the manger the reason of our continuous growth and maturity every Christmas.  But, what kind of growth and maturity that He always asked us every Christmas?  It’s no other than our new self and our willingness to welcome Him in our hearts.  Hence, Christmas celebrations, decorations, gifts, songs, and dances change but its real message will forever be the same, i.e. the birth of the Baby Jesus in a manger who is the main and real reason of Christmas which invites us to renew ourselves to Him as recipients of His hope and love.      

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