A Time to Move Forward


“Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy…”

 It’s really tiring to wait.  It really challenges time and tests patience especially when waiting affected greatly my other urgencies and main concerns.  Actually, we cannot but affirm the fact that waiting is an essential part of our daily experiences.  Life is an unfinished business.  It demands always something more and something yet to come.  So, it really takes to wait in order to live life in the fullest.

The gospel for today’s first Sunday of Advent gives me an assurance that waiting is beneficial and at the same time providential, unless I may not get tired of waiting.  Waiting is a time for moving forward, and this is what it means to prepare myself daily.  Waiting, however, has to be vigilant, disciplined, and generous.  Vigilance, discipline, and generosity are the three things that I should really consider and the invitation of the gospel for me today.  Indeed, waiting entails an effort of change starting from my way of thinking and doing always in accordance with God’s perspective.  I realized, it is in waiting that I may be grow in love.

“Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy…” This statement really calls my attention.  It really summonses me to have a proper attitude in welcoming the Lord to work into my life.  But, how I may be able to do it?  By considering waiting not a tiring and tasking thing, but a means for receiving the Lord wholeheartedly, it assures that I may be able really to feel the presence of the Lord moving into my life.

Indeed, it’s really tiring to wait, but it’s really significant to wait because in waiting there’s hope.

May the Lord strengthen me, protect me from all anxiety, and make me holy as I wait in joyful hope for his coming every day and at the end of time.

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