Spiritual Journey-A Joyous Homecoming through Love


Reading the Epilogue part of Wilkie Au and Noreen Cannon’s Urgings of the Heart, both emphasized one of the most important aspects in our lives, our Spiritual Journey. It is a joyous homecoming through love which grants us the capacity to embrace the realities of our existence as human beings-a necessary part for considering the process of becoming unique and whole in life. From this, we could determine that spiritual and psychological growth is really a never-ending series of change and struggles; a mixture of progression and regressions. Indeed, to consider our spiritual journey as a joyous homecoming through love, we cannot but understand first that there’s no straight path or journey to wholeness and holiness. It’s a zigzag journey with setbacks and frustrations, of little triumphs and some learning experiences along the way. Yet, the sense of the search for wholeness and uniqueness according to the two authors becomes substantial and important when there’s a peaceful self-acceptance on our part deepen through humility and sincere recognition that God is also struggling with us as we indulge ourselves with a never-ending process of renewal.

Spiritual journey as a joyous homecoming through love is like being in harmony with Christ’s paschal mystery: His death and resurrection. This may consider as an inescapable condition of our growth, but it grants an assurance that God is close with us, in union with us, and journeying with us through the person of Christ. Christ knows that we struggle for renewal and He too also experience what we struggling upon. But, what made Christ victorious in his spiritual humility which the two authors emphasized as self-acceptance and God-sustaining love that moves us from anxiety to grateful acceptance of ourselves as creatures: fragile yet loved. Hence, humility, if we make it as our means for embracing renewal, will bring us to the immensity of God’s love that grants us the capacity to embrace our being and our shadows and the capacity to let go all flawless images that affects us to see our spiritual journey as a joyous homecoming through love.

However, we will never realize that our renewal lies on how we consider self-acceptance without trusting in the forgiving love of God. Henceforth, self-acceptance begins when we learn how to forgive ourselves despite the many flaws and shortcomings we have. We cannot be delighted with our “I-am” experience without fully enjoying the unconditional acceptance of God in spite of our imperfections. So, it is very important for us to consider that self-acceptance is the capacity to accept even the unacceptable in our lives. How we may be able to realize this? By valuing the every experiences that we encounter on our lives.

Thus, Holistic Spirituality cannot be really achieved unless we immerse ourselves with our flaws and imperfections. It also needs self-appropriation, i.e. the capacity of having and holding of our self, and the handing over of our self to God and others in and through love. This demands a daily practice and intense effort on our part. Yet, we learn how to love ourselves which its fulfillment lies when we are able to love God and our neighbor wholeheartedly. Hence, Love, by its very nature, extends itself if and only if we integrate it on our day to day experiences with ourselves and with others.

In the final analysis, we are still truly guided by the Lord in considering our spiritual journey as a joyous homecoming through love. The good news is God allows trial-and-error, and so, we should be afraid because for Him our whole effort consists in trying, the rest is His business. Therefore, the urging of the human heart to wholeness is a never-ending process of renewal as St. Augustine puts it: “You have made us for yourself, O God, and our hearts will remain restless until they rest in you.” Hence, what makes our spiritual journey as a joyous homecoming through love is the assurance that we will never be alone on our journey because God is also journeying with us and accompanying us.

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