On Love’s Compatibility

Brown and White Bread Hearts

We cannot deny the fact that we are in search of what is compatible and suited for us. We believe that there’s one thing necessary for our existence so we are always searching for something right for our life. When we speak about of love, it’s the same thing. The definition and description of love itself is not enough unless we experience it and we involve ourselves to it. Love is indeed a verb because love itself cannot be defined unless we put into action despite its demands and challenges. But, why is it hard to find the necessary for our lives when we speak of love? Why is love considered as the most crucial and decisive form of a search for compatibility? People say when you find out what is compatible and suited for your life it will serve as a guide for you to achieve real happiness. So, we cannot feel the restlessness of a search for fulfillment in our own lives. We crave for something that will make us say, “at last I finally found someone who will make me really happy for the rest of my life.” But, is this the measure of being satisfied in life? For me, yes it is! When we finally found the one for our lives is already a joy. Despite all the pains and struggles it may bring along the way it doesn’t matter because it brings perfect happiness and joy.

Going back to love; in general, love is a beautiful verb. What makes it a beautiful verb? Though love may describe as a general verb at first glance, what makes it beautiful is when you find it as the one thing necessary for your life. It has many and different expressions, but what matters most in love is when you find the best expression among its many and different expressions which fits for your life. Though it has many and different expressions, it’s the same love at all which leads us to cherish the uniqueness of our existence. Searching the love that is compatible for our lives is not just for the sake of pursuit itself; it gives us an understanding and awareness that we are restless pilgrims who always seek for the ultimate reason of our lives and of our capacity to love. Sounds complicated, right? But this is who we are. We are always searching for an ultimate reason. Thanks for the experiences that we encounter everyday which boils down into one summit, i.e. love. Love is what drives us to continue with our pilgrimage here on earth. Without love, it’s hard to hope for what is really compatible and suited for us and it’s also hard to put our trust and faith to it that we may be able to say; “at last I finally found the resting place for my restless heart.” Saying this is like finding the pearl of great price for our lives which gives the motivation to let go everything for its sake. But, do you know what’s fit for you? Remember this, where your treasure is, there your heart will be.     

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