On Love and Nothingness

eternal_nothingness___faust__reiji_by_chocoholicmello-d5lotpwI always confront myself with the different manifestations of love. I realized that the only requirement in order for me to abide on it and to pattern my life on it is to recognize that I am nothing. Befriending my own nothingness is one of the most tiring challenges that I always encounter and experience every day. Nothingness then is the origin of love. Sounds weird, right? But as I reflect on it, there’s a truth behind nothingness in relation with love. We all agree that when we speak about love it is something immense, a great feeling, overwhelming, and awe-inspiring. We adore it and devote our lives on it when we encounter it and experience it into our lives. But, have you ever pondered that without recognizing our nothingness we cannot speak about love? Hence, our nothingness is the only path that will lead us to the greatness and prominence of love.

To touch our own nothingness is to touch love which essentially our driving force to exist. Actually, it is easy to say that we are nothing in front of love than to recognize, appreciate, and accept our nothingness for the sake of love. Why it’s so hard to be at ease with our own nothingness? Because we have the tendency to be too proud with ourselves and to cling with our own description and depiction about ourselves which sometimes creates a speck into our eyes in order not to see the nothingness within us. Let go and let God (or let it be)-a simple command which is not so hard to say to ourselves for the sake of recognizing, appreciating, and accepting our own nothingness, but so difficult to put into our own actuations.

However, how will we ever learn to recognize, appreciate, and accept that we are nothing in front of love if we will not do our best to let go and let God (or let it be)? How could we move on in order to see our nothingness with serenity and peace in our hearts if until now we are hesitant and afraid to remove the specks into our eyes which blocks our sight for accepting that fact that we are nothing? Let us dare ourselves to take this risk because it’s the only way to affirm the fact that it is through our nothingness we happenstance the real sense and significance of love in our lives. Love is a series of letting go and letting God (or letting be). By sinking into love, it requires our nothingness.

For the past years of struggling and finding the relevance of love into my life, I have just pondered today that it boils down into one substantial statements: I love because I am nothing; I am loved because of my nothingness; and I have been filled with love because I am came out of nothing. From these statements I realized be aware of the fact that I am nothing in the presence of love is the basis of recognizing the fact that I am being loved and being moved to love. Thenceforth, nothingness is one of the many weak points that I need to be proud of within myself. Yes, it’s hard to let go and to let God be in control with our lives because we sometimes realize that we cling into something we believe it will give fulfillment into our lives. However, love is not all about fulfillment, but Love itself. And, only our own nothingness could give us the real fulfillment and real happiness, i.e. Love, not an external entity, but something within that embraces us and hold us with conviction and compassion.

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