nirvanaSaying “let me do it by myself” is a worst decision for ourselves. We cannot isolate ourselves; everything is connected and relational. Just like a simple carbon atom in our bodies, it constituted as part of a molecule, which forms part of a cell, and also, as we all know, belongs to organ of my body. Hence, we are related because we are part of a family, a society, and a community composed of interrelated living creatures which could also be called the earth community interrelated with the Sun, the Milky Way, and the whole universe. So, we are interrelated, and our inter-relatedness characterizes reality to its very depths and core.

If we are related in everything that we encounter here on earth and everything that constitute us as being-in-relation, it’s the same case with God. If God’s being is completely relational, then this suggest that we are not born alone and we share in the “being-ness” of God. Thus, we are born related and we are constituted by relationships. We will never be alone, and saying “let me do it by myself” or “all by myself” contradicts, denies, and opposes our very own nature as relational beings.

What makes our being relational, interrelated, and interconnected to another? Love. Love is the source of connection and unity. It binds every creatures and every life forms that we see here on earth. Looking upon our existence, it’s undeniable that we are capable of loving. It is in loving that we enter into the realm of relationships and other forms of commitment. Loving encompasses everything. It is not something exclusive but inclusive. It is not selective and does not play favourites because it links, relates, and associates. Therefore, understanding and accepting our capacity to relate is not a matter of doing it all by ourselves but is a matter of connecting and involving which start with ourselves.

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