On our Past and Moving On

walking-alone-233266One of the hardest things to do in life is to make the past relevant to the present. We always insist that we are in control of our lives, so we do our very best to turn back the time in order to correct its mistakes from the present. But, as we try to control and to turn back the past, we tend to ask ourselves; why it cannot happen again in the present? Why I cannot in line the past with my own perspectives and desires that it must be what I expect most?

To be honest, I have this kind of attitude as I face the reality of my own past. I have this regret that someday if I could only turn back the past I can correct all the mistakes that I’ve done and grab all the opportunities that I wasted so that I would not be like this today. But, I realized, the more I long with this kind of “hallucinating dreams’ into my life, the more it’s hard to move on. Yes, I am not in control of everything. It comes and it ends, but the lesson will always remain. I have realized that learning the promptings of the past is not all about correcting it on our own wants and desires, and insisting it to be relevant today; it is in moving on. The more that I move on, the more I become aware of the new things, new opportunities, and new beginnings that are ready and waiting for an encounter.

Hence, our past will only be reconciled in our present when we learn to move on. Moving on is the best thing to do in order to make the crooked line straight. It means to say; when we learn to move on in life, the past will still remain as it is, but it will not anymore define us as someone who will forever stagnant for change. Move on, and you will encounter an unexpected miracle which for sure will make you realize that life is worth living at this present moment.

One last thing; moving on will never be a possible means for change unless we let go the past and we let God to make it right. We cannot make the past relevant to our present situation, but with the help of God, it will be healed and redeemed unexpectedly if and only if you will believe in Him.

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