From MIA Road with Love

16077357Yesterday, I went to our house in order to visit my mother and niece, and also to ask for my mother’s assistance for my solicitation letters intended for our class study tour in Ilocos on Thursday. While I was on the jeep going to Pasay and stuck on a heavy traffic along MIA road, my attention was caught by the old couple, maybe in the age of 60s or 70s, holding hands while waiting for a ride. Suddenly, deep inside my mind and heart I said these words; “Oh that’s true love!”

I don’t know the history of the old couple that was waiting on the street for a ride. I don’t know if they were really husband and wife. What made me reflect in that scenario is not the gesture itself on how they held each other’s hand, but what’s behind the mystery called the power of true love which they show. Hence, true love is not on the appearance, but on the mature relationship that lasts. I am so happy to experience seeing that couple holding each other’s hand. Despite the age, the heavy traffic along MIA road, the air pollution and the buzzing sounds coming from the rusty and rugged tambutsos of jeepneys and buses, the heat of the sun, etc., they still have shown the love that is real and true, and perhaps it made that day, which for me depressing, wonderful and meaningful for them.

When true love enters into the existence of every human person in different walks of life, it overrules every barrier of uncertainties and impossibilities. Even though everything diminishes and senses fail to recognize and mesmerize the appearances and the rapid progression of life, true love will always remain and will stay the same. Indeed, true love lasts when it is nurtured in faith and commitment eventhough conflict arises and everything fades away.

As the heavy traffic in MIA road turned into moderate mode, I cannot but be awe-inspired by what the couple has shown me about true love. Their simple gesture that speaks about love beyond twists and turns remind me of what true love can do when we allow it to take precedence into our lives. I firmly believe, true love is not all about seeing what is something lacking within us to the one whom we love, rather it is all about mutuality and accepting each other’s weakness and shortcomings in life. The simple gesture of true love coming from the old couple is what makes true love as immortal. It never grows old. It renews, rejuvenates, refreshes even at the point of crisis and tensions. Hence, nothing can replace true love nurtured in trust, devoutness, and selflessness eventhough pressures of pessimism comes along the way.

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