On not giving up loving amidst “storms”

In loving, when we encounter pain and despair we usually affirm this thought into our minds, “It happened because it happened. We are not in control of the disappointments, pains, and despairs that we experience in loving sincerely, truly, madly, and deeply. It’s better to give up loving.” For me, these “storms” are encouragements to love more. True love is tested when “storms” happened. Why do we give up loving when it’s hard to love more? Why abandon the capacity of loving sincerely, truly, madly, and deeply when it does not work amidst the “storms”? These realizations that I gained in my journey of loving more and searching for true love blazed the little ember of conviction within my heart that true love is possible amidst the “storms”. Just not give up loving.

True love is not all about clinging on our own perspectives, desires, and wants about love; it’s all about engaging ourselves to the cycle of “storms” and be-in-that-realm for the sake of opening up our horizons to the possibilities and to the real essence of true love. In my journey of loving more and searching for true love, pain is an inescapable and an inevitable reality. Later, I realized that the “storms”, correct me if I’m wrong, is the essence of love. Why? When there’s love, there’s the “storms”. It is not joy that brings the real meaning of love; it’s the “storms”. Joy is temporary, but the “storms” are permanent. It is the “storms” that reveal what true love is and what it is not. Hence, true love is not all about what we expect (the feeling of satisfaction and being loved, the guarantee of joy, gentleness, etc.); it’s all about befriending the “storms”. Sounds pessimistic, but without the “storms” true love cannot be what it is.

That’s why I am not giving up of loving more. I am not afraid to love more even though the “storms” hinder me to do so. I believe, even though it’s too late to love because of these “storms” I am encountering now, it is not a guarantee for me to give up. It’s not too late to love more for a person who is persistent and determine to love, and it is me. Though I am not loved in my journey of loving more and searching for true love; I am still happy and proud to boast that I love still amidst the pangs of the “storms”, and this is my weakness.