Which is which?

Tumblr-Pictures-Love-1-HD-WallpaperA while ago during our Study Period this morning (since Don Bosco Center of Studies declared that no class for today), as I watched upon the raindrops falling up the trees, I thought of composing a poem that speaks about what’s going on my mind and heart. I never used to write a poem as my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. So, it’s my first time to share this poem that I made while my eyes are contemplating the rain that keeps on pouring while my lips is enjoying sipping a cup of pure tea from Sri Lanka.

When will be the morning will fill the sky?

When will the light overcome the night?

My eyes is in tears gazing the eternal bliss

Pleading that I may overcome this Dis-ease

As I step towards a long-wide journey

I found happiness along the way

Suddenly, my heart broke into silence

Questioned the unconceivable void within

Is it real? Is it real?

But, why I am still suffering the grief and pain within?

I never thought that I will feel this again

I never thought that I will feel empty again

For the past decades of dedication and devotion

Now, it’s being challenged by providential desolation

Why now? Why not yesterday?

Confusing, yet a blessing; a wise-blessing indeed

Is this a trick? I don’t know

A malaise? Perhaps

But, why it is something good and pleasing

eventhough my heart throbs apprehensively?

Love? Oh yes it’s Love

Sudden, Cordial, and Uncanny

But why? Why Love?

When I found happiness along the way

Which is which?

Both are good, valuable, and exemplary

Confusing, Puzzling, Bewildering

Only a wise heart could define which is for me

What did the Beholder place inside my soul?

Now, I ask this question as I indulge myself in a wise confusion

As I move on with a puzzling heart

I am assured of this;

Someday, the Sun will rise up,

upon the cold-dark sky.

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