When will be the “right time?”

Businessman pulling a clock hand backwardsWe are all longing for the “right time”. But, when will be the “right time” for everything that we expect to happen, to finish the unfinished business, to say what we feels to someone, to risk even the journey that we undergo for many years for the sake of following what God really wants us to be, etc. etc. When will be the “right time” for this? Some people say, “In God’s perfect time”; others say, when you are already okay emotionally, stable mentally and ready to take the risk then it’s already the “right time”. But, why it should be like these? Why the search for the “right time” takes and wastes time? This is a challenge for me and a test of patience. From these I learned my lesson that waiting for the “right time” needs patience, hope, maturity, and trust. It is really hard to force a firm decision or a decisive agreement when it is not yet the “right time”. Just like my experience before as a Practical Trainee in Rogationist College-Silang, Cavite when I was assigned to pick up the mangoes on the trees during summer which I would like to use as an analogy about longing for the “right time”. The sweetness and the yellowness of the mango cannot be forced just like the “right time”. It needs time, maturity, and patience. My mistake was I thought it’s okay now for the mangoes to be picked up on their trees because I was deceived by its size and texture which seemingly ready for stocking up and consumption. Lesson learned; when it’s not yet ripe, even though the size and the texture testifies that it’s already okay and good, let it be given another time and chance to mature and to attain its potentiality to be sweet and yellowish. Hence, it is also the same thing in the common maxim we usually say when we speak about longing for the “right time”, i.e. DON’T STRIKE THE IRON WHEN IT IS NOT YET HOT! It means to say, when things are not yet settled and right, don’t force it and settle it according to our expectations. Instead, let it be mature as it is; have patience, invest hope, trust surely and sincerely, and wait courageously. When things are in accordance with what it should be, then that’s what “right time” is all about.

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