Restless Heart

Be-still-my-restlessnessThou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee

-St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

Five years ago, I encountered this famous text of St. Augustine when I read his book, Confessions. Before, I just consider it as an insight or a simple thought that tells something about the reality of life. Now, as I revisited it once again, I realized that it has also relevant to my life as I am undergoing soul-searching in my pilgrimage towards real happiness, joy, and contentment. What a coincidence that as I am going through a tough and delicate self-introspection and self-pondering it resounds once again into my awareness which really caught my interest.

 I myself cannot deny the fact that it’s part of our nature to quest for happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in life. So, we strive hard and really do our best to achieve those things because we want a smooth-sailing journey in life. Who doesn’t want to experience a smooth-sailing journey in life? Even myself craves for it; a journey that is so calm, hassle-free, at ease, and pleasing. Unfortunately it’s not always the case. Even though you already reach the point that you’re already happy, contented, and satisfied in life there’s still an unavoidable feeling of longingness inside of our hearts for a missing piece. Without that missing piece, it seems happiness, contentment, and satisfaction is not enough in order to make our lives complete. This is what I am experiencing right now. To be honest, the greatest challenges in life is not all about facing our fears and wrestle on it, but rather it’s all about facing our heart’s restlessness with humility, sincerity, and acceptance. For me, this is the greatest struggle that I encounter in life. It’s hard to accept on my part, but I take it as a challenge and as a providential trial. I believe and also I am hoping that everything will be okay after this restlessness that I am experiencing now because God is at my side always ready and willing to be my refuge and strength.

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