A Spark of Hope

hope-digital_a-600-px-100I usually wake up at 5:00 am during weekdays.  It’s already part of my everyday ritual that once I wake up, I will stare first at the window and watch the breathtaking sunrise that hover the dark thick clouds in the sky.  This majestic scenery reminds me of something that I need to consider as a pilgrim learner, i.e. amidst every struggles and trials I encounter in life there’s always a spark of hope waiting to rise if I will not stop my longings to eagerly accept it as the greatest consolation in my heart.

Struggles and trials in life are really unavoidable especially when you reach the point that your life seems so stable.  Thus, our life is like a pendulum; sometimes steadiness and serenity pulls you up, but there are times that the forces of laxity and animosity pulls you down.  These two types of reality in life move simultaneously like a vicious cycle and its normal for each one of us who are engage in a journey called a search for authenticity.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to deny the fact that we cannot avoid to focus our attention and to be affected too much by our daily struggles and trials in life.  I admit; I too have this kind of tendency especially when it’s hard to bear and to let go all these things.  I experienced that as I retire on my bed and think of every unpleasant experiences I encounter on that day, I shed tears on my pillow and asked myself and even the Lord “Why?” as my night prayer before I fall asleep.  Call it crazy, but for me it’s a fact of life which also others experienced or experiencing this kind of scenario in their lives.

Going back to the image of the breathtaking sunrise I always stare at my room’s window; this majestic image is really something providential for me as I admit into myself that I am a little bit preoccupied with my own bitterness in life.  It reminds me that I must not lose my sight about the significance of hope which serves as a living water and refreshes my thirst for everlasting joy and happiness.  Hope is not about saying these lines into our lives; “should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?”  Hope is something hoping against struggles and trials in life.  It is also all about following the thin light amidst the blistering pangs of the cold-dark night of our lives.  Hope is like reaching our hands to the saving hand of the Beholder who is the author of hope and the only hope.

Every time I stare upon the sunrise, one of the lines in the song Only Hope by Switchfoot and sung also by Mandy Moore always spellbind my ear which goes like this;

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you’re my only hope

When there’s no hope in every struggles and trials that we experience in life for sure it’s hard to recognize the real author of it, i.e. the Beholder.  It really manifest that as we start to cling our sight to Him everything is possible though for us it’s not.  Just like the breathtaking sunrise in the morning, it simply reminds me that in every struggles and trials in life His presence does not hide; He’s just waiting for me to open my eyes and  heart and reach my hands to Him and He’s willing to grant me the spark of hope that I am waiting for so long.  But, it takes a lot of faith and courage, and I admit it’s a delicate moment.

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