Love defines us who we are

mansihlNow, I go back writing my insights after a long hiatus. It’s been a while that I am not posting my insights on this blog due to so many things that I need to consider into my life such as priorities, concerns, urgencies, and even my own vulnerabilities.

Also, I give myself an ample time to reflect on certain topics for my future blog posts which are related on my previous and present experiences which somehow affects my insights about life and love. Giving myself an ample time for reflection did not fail me to produce a unique insight, and now I would like to share one of the things that I learned in reflecting on the primacy and the significance of love in our lives, i.e. its capacity to define us who we are.

For me, love is not a mere feeling, but a living. When we allow love to influence our lives including our priorities, dreams, aspirations, hopes, and decisions in life our joy will be complete. Without love, it seems that everything is lifeless, blunt, opaque, and incomprehensible. But, what makes love as a “defining principle” for our identity as Beloved? Looking into my realities, there are things that it’s hard to deny and ignore. Yes, I am still in search of the real essence of love that will captivate everything in life; but the only thing in my search about the greatness of love is the fact that I am loved despite all shortcomings and inadequacies that I have in my life.

Being loved is what defines us. We are not what we see outside ourselves. We are not what others expect. Rather, we are loved, and that love defines who we are. Nowadays, we live in a world that is full of “busy bodies” and “demand shakers”. It’s also a temptation today to fill up our minds with so many concerns both necessary and unnecessary in order to escape the reality called self-introspection. It’s undeniable that the emerging ideology “I am the captain of my own self” or “All by myself” is now a trend for all of us who want to escape in the reality and in the actual situation of our lives.

Hey wait a minute! Have we realized that we cannot define our real selves unless we allow love to penetrate in our lives? Before we exist in this world love is already here. Love is all that matters in life, and everything is just secondary. Why do we complicate our identity if love defines us who we are simply? Why do we judge ourselves as ineffective and ugly if love sees us capable of doing good and productive things, pleasing, and beautiful? We let ourselves to be devoured by the demands of this world, but it a sad thing to realize that we forget the very important and necessary thing in life, i.e. we are loved, and love defines us who we are. So, in the eyes of the Beholder we are the beloved; taken out of love, blessed by love, broken but loved, and given because of love. So, why be afraid in committing ourselves to love if at first we are loved and love defines us who we are? Is it because of pain?

Yes, pain is inevitable, but love is forever. Nothing be afraid of when we let things be out of love. It is in love that we see ourselves as a person capable of loving in sincerity and truth.

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