On Unconditional Love and Mother’s Love

strength-of-a-mothers-loveTry as you will, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart, love.”

-Victor Hugo

Love is what makes the human heart alive and active.

But, when love is unconditionally felt and given, this is one of the best parts in experiencing love as the essence of life.  This is what the gospel for this Sunday wants to express into our minds and hearts.

Jesus showed to us the real essence of love by saying; No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friend (John 15:13).  This is what love is all about, i.e. giving up everything for your beloved without any cost.  Why?  Let us revisit again the gospel for today; Jesus assures us when we give up everything for love, His joy may be in us and our joy may be complete (John 15:11).  Thus, only in giving up for the sake of love we may be able to feel and experience complete joy which greater than the smiles on our faces.

What makes love unconditional?  Unconditional love is greater than the hugs that we long for, the kiss that we hope for, and the Valentine’s Day that we wait for.  What makes love is unconditional is in its expressions, and not in expectations.   The best example of unconditional love as an expression is the mother’s love.  The love of a mother begins in the womb and ends in tomb.  It means, the love of a mother encompasses everything.  For a mother, it doesn’t matter how many sacrifices she has to offer for her children; what matters most for her is she love and will love them unconditionally.  Just like what my mother did to us when we were still young.

She’s inexpressive, but we feel her love when she acts it out.  From that I realized that even words are insufficient in order to express the love of a mother to her children, so she expresses it through actions.  If I will compare the love of my mother for us, the best image that is popping-up unto my mind is the image of the swan covering its children in order to protect them from danger and that the children may feel the warmth of their mother swan’s embrace.  For me, this is a powerful image of unconditional love.  Through the persona of a mother, the unconditional love of God for all of us is certifiable.  For a mother, laying down her life for her children is difficult and challenging, but fulfilling.  That’s what makes a mother’s love best.

Love really drives us to do impossible things.  Hence, love is powerful.  But, it will be more powerful when it is shared unconditionally.  And, this is what I learned from my mother.  Even though people whom I loved do not understand the way I loved them it doesn’t matter for me.  What matters most for me is I loved them unconditionally.  It’s risky but fulfilling.  I admit, I received hurts and rejections a lot of times when I do my very best to love unconditionally.  I did not give up.  Instead, I embrace those things and still moved on because I believe this is what love is all about.  Indeed, Victor Hugo is right in saying; you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart, love.  Hence, loving is really untiring when it is freely given and shared unconditionally.

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