Goodbye to a place called “HOME”

10255621_1460605577518718_1640161868880774405_oIt’s hard to say goodbye to a place that you called “HOME”. Indeed, the song Leaving on the Jet plane is right on saying;

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go

I’m standin’ here outside your door

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

One of the things that I hate most is to say goodbye. Goodbyes make me sad and nostalgic about the wonderful memories that I encounter to a place that I consider as “HOME”. Some people said, it’s really hard to say goodbye to a place that you belonged yourself with especially when memories made you feel alive and relieve from the pain of the past nightmares and grieves. It’s really so sad to wave my hand and say “goodbye” to a place that made me brand new and alive once again. But, this is life when it’s time to let go and to welcome another chapter for my life.

I will really miss Cebu so much. It’s not about the beautiful beaches, views, heritage, restaurants, historic places, and events that I will miss but the experiences and memories that I leave behind on that place called The Queen City of the South. Though I was not able to learn the language well, I was thought to value myself and my vulnerabilities as I also value the place despite the imperfection that it has. Because of this place I was challenged to consider the different aspect of my life not just only as a religious but also as a human person. On that place I realize that life is more appreciated when it is simple and serene. Hence, the simplicity and the serenity of that place helped me to myself in a bigger picture, and that’s why I consider Cebu as “Home” and my “Oasis”.

Now, I left Cebu. But, it will always be forever in my heart. I have learned a lot of things about you, and I will always cherish it. Now, I am embracing the next chapter for my life. Another journey is waiting for me and it has lots of surprises. At this moment, the only thing that I should do is to let go and start all over again. I hate this job but it’s a need for my growth and my search for life’s ultimate reasons. It’s really hard to say goodbye, but there’s good in saying goodbye. When there are goodbyes, there are another opportunities and beginnings that are waiting for me. What are those? I don’t know but I know it’s always for a better.

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