“Do not be unbelieving, but Believe” (John 20:27)

prcas2184If I will put myself on the gospel for today wherein Jesus came and stood in front of His disciples and said, “Peace be with you”; I will consider that experience as the best moment of my life.

As I reflect on the gospel for today, I cannot but compare myself with the disciples who were in fear and distress until Jesus came and stood in their midst.  It is peace coming from the resurrection of Jesus that cast out their fears and distresses, but it takes a lot of their faith that they were able to realize He is the Messiah, Christ, and Savior who sent by God to save us and to forgive us from our sins.  Whenever I am thinking of this insight coming from the gospel, it simply invites me to look upon the graciousness of God through the prodigious image of Jesus’ resurrection that assures me of redemption and forgiveness should I believe and surrender all my fears to him.

Whenever I am in doubt like Thomas in the gospel and in fear like the disciples, it seems that the door of my heart is locked and impenetrable for His grace.  This kind of troubling moment in life is really undeniable and happens when life goes rough.  Actually, I experienced this recently.  It’s hard to recognize the graciousness and the light of Jesus’ resurrection when things are not according to what you expect.  So, fears and doubts come along the journey and the hard-hitting scenario of these inescapable realities is this; it pulls you down and it really feels you the blitzkrieg of being alone of your own cold dark nights.

The only thing that I did in order to overcome these is to surrender everything to Jesus’ resurrection as my tears fell on my eyes to my cheeks.  It was a remarkable experience and I recall what God has told Thomas when He appeared on him; “do not be unbelieving, but believe.”  On that instance I have experienced the peace that Jesus has brought to the disciples and Thomas when they were in fear, in distress, and in doubt.  On that moment I realized that the peace coming from Jesus’ resurrection is not just a mere feeling or an experience of calmness or relief from an emotional disturbance, but a grace rooted on faith.

This is what we long for as we struggle in this life.  We need peace not as an ideology but as a gift that produces an everlasting love coming from the heart of Jesus’ resurrection.  A peace that knows how to forgive, knows how to cast out all our fears, and knows how to be an authentic believer.

I am so thankful that God has taught me a lesson by the gospel for today, and it’s about peace.  Lesson learned; “do not be unbelieving, but believe” (John 20:27).  This is what peace is all about in the perspective of Jesus’ resurrection.  It simply reminds me not to be afraid on believing on His capacity to unlock the door and the window of my heart.  For Him, an open heart welcomes the light that brings peace of heart and mind and an everlasting happiness in life.  The only key for this is to say these words deep within my soul “I believe”.

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