Vindicating #WalangForever

WALANGFOREVERDAWLove makes the world a better place to live in.

It’s good to see people exchange love in different aspects and forms because it completes the very essence of joy. Joy is not just a mere expression or a mood, but a fruit of love which only the heart could recognize and realize.

There’s no bitterness in love. It’s always full of joy and optimism. So, when there’s love, there’s forever. I don’t believe on what others say that there’s no forever in love or forever is not enough for us to love more. #WalangForever is a lie.

Those who say or sell these words do not understand the real essence of love which is unique, good, and noble. Also, those who promulgate this strange jargon are those who cannot move on, cannot see the light of hope in love, and choose to be bitter forever in loving.

I am sorry if my views about this terminology are against what others approve, agree upon, and accept, but I am pretty convince that #WalangForever for me is not an excuse to start all over again in loving.

When loving seems so absurd and demanding, why be discouraged and say #WalangForever? When love seems so tough, it’s an opportunity to understand and realize that we need to encourage ourselves to move on though the fact that the pain in loving persists. #HabangMayPagibigMayForever; this is what I believe. As our lives here on earth goes on and on, love is an inescapable reality. We cannot and we will never control our hearts when it starts to beat for love.

When we consider love as a non-existent entity into our lives, for sure, we will never be forever joyful, happy, and contented in our lives. Love will always be a part of our lives. Without it we cannot recognize and realize that majority of we encounter in life are interconnected in the reality called love.

Love does not bring bitterness, but happiness if we will just believe and go with its flow though demanding and challenging.

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