“We shall be judge by Love”

john-of-the-crossAt the end of life, we shall be judged by love.-San Juan de la Cruz

While I was listening to the commencement speech of our guest speaker in the graduation ceremony of our Fourth Year seminarians last Saturday, I was captivated by the words of wisdom coming from San Juan de la Cruz which the speaker have shared to the graduates; “At the end of life, we shall be judged by love.”  After I heard it, I paused for a while and reflected on those words which really caught my attention. I told myself, “Yes, it’s true; at the end of life love will always be the point of reference in scrutinizing our deeds on earth.”

Love will always be the rule of life and the canon of our existence on earth.  It comprises everything that we encounter and experience, so it really serves as the significant element for living a good life.  When love blossoms in our daily actions and even on our struggles everything follows.  Hence, ignorance of love is also an ignorance of our responsibility and duty to build a better world out of love.  It also serves as the key aspect for building a good and sound relationship that excludes any barriers and discriminations.  That’s why love is all that matters in life, and everything are secondary.

The question, however, is: have we loved truthfully and sincerely even though it has different forms and faces?  Have we considered it as our guide and inspiration to do what we supposed to do?  Loving is not an option, but a commitment.  We exercise our existence not according to accumulate honors, fames, glories, and power, but to love.  Love is the greatest gift that God has bestowed us, so we should not lose it through indifference.  Everything here on earth ends but we should always remember the fact that love will always remain intact, and our lives will be judged according to it.  Henceforth, loving never stops and it should be the reigning principle on our lives.

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