Love amidst Struggles

785003Love exists when we struggle for it.

Why does love reside in every great struggle that we encounter in life?  I always highlight in my previous thoughts about love that it resides in every struggle we encounter in life because it is not cheap.  But, as I continue to reflect and search for its great significance into our lives, I have found another reason why love need to be struggled, i.e. on our identity itself as persons adequately considered lovers and also the recipient of authentic love.  We are formed and struggled out of love, and so we are called to do the same for the sake of realizing love authentically and realistically.  It’s demanding indeed, but it is how love to be what it is.

Sad to say, only few are really ready to struggle for the sake of love.  As the world today offers everything in an instant way, people are also doing the same thing in love.  Many are afraid to value sacrifice and commitment when they enter into relationship.   Some distort and fabricate its real meaning and change it into something secondary, immediate, and profane.  So, many of us misinterpret love as something that can be equated into roses, chocolates, teddy bears and romances.  Where’s the struggle for it?  Where’s the sense of sacrifice that it demands on each and every one of us who would like to abide on its invitations and challenges? Alas, it is now something on the periphery in the mindset of today’s world.

When struggles are not being given any consideration and implication in love, it is really a great trouble.  Now, we feel and experience it.  People kill and die because of hate.  Rejection is now becoming an occurring disease and hard to be tolerated.  Many are now experiencing broken-heartedness and become pessimistic about life and faith.  So now, as the world advances and becomes technological, many important and valuable entities for life are being set aside and degraded.  Regrettably, we are the ones who suffer the consequences.

From this realization, I am enlightened about the real essence of struggling for love into our lives and our world.  Hence, without the struggle in loving, it is really a great chaos.  Why should I or we be afraid of pains, sacrifices, and struggles in love if these are important things for us to see the bright side of love into our daily existence?  Why should I or we distance myself or ourselves on those means if it creates a civilization of love that brings peace on our minds and on our hearts?

Thus, “No great love ever came without great struggle.”

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