Dare to Love

eca86ba05494125df5560dTo dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.Soren Kierkegaard

 Pain is really an inescapable reality when we love, but is not a hindrance for us to dare ourselves to love again.  Before I fell asleep yesterday, I looked up the ceiling and asked myself; What is the best way to stop the pain in loving sincerely?  As I continue searching for an ample answer on my mind I recalled all the experiences I had when I loved genuinely and wholeheartedly.

From that, something popped-up into my mind; Yes, it is in daring myself to love once again that I love more and cease its pain. Recalling this instance that happened to me yesterday I realized that it is in daring ourselves to love that pain will be reciprocated into an advantage or an opportunity for us to see and to recognize what true love is all about.

Daring ourselves to love is not only all about courage, but also all about humility, selflessness, and sacrifice.  It takes a lot of self-emptiness when we dare ourselves to love once again after experiencing the pain and being broken-hearted in loving.

In daring ourselves to love, there’s an assurance for us to discover its truths that others cannot see.  So, let us not give up in loving when pain comes.  In love, pain bleeds, but it heals when we love more.  Never suppress our hearts to love when we are hurt in loving genuinely.  At first glance, it is so hard to accept the fact that in love pain resides.  We cannot underestimate it by simply ignoring it or just letting it pass by.  It always requires acceptance on our part.

Tears and sobs may always be part of engaging ourselves in love, but it is not a shame on our part because it indicates that we are true lovers; ready to face pain because we believe it is in pain that we recognize, understand, and embrace true love.  Let us not be afraid in daring ourselves to love.  Not daring ourselves to love is cowardice, and that’s a worst scenario when we engage ourselves on the real significance of love into our lives.


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