The Light from the Cross

The-Transfiguration-of-Jesus-Mount-TaborIn yesterday’s gospel, we witnessed the Transfiguration of Jesus which anticipates the description of His resurrection from His passion and death.  As I reflect upon the significance of His transfiguration and connecting it to Lent, the words light and cross popped-up into my mind.  Why light and cross?  As I let the words on the gospel speaks unto my awareness, transfiguration as light can never be depicted as a ‘transient sign’ of Jesus’ victory over death if there’s no cross.  The cross of Christ may consider as the horror of His death, but later, His death will be taking place by LOVE which is the concrete manifestation and the reason why He accept the cross.  This is beautifully represented by His transfiguration that conveys a message of hope and salvation.  However, transfiguration can never be a sign of hope and salvation unless there’s sacrifice which is the only path to lasting glory.

What does the transfiguration of Jesus would like to say to us?  In the midst of all turbulent moments in our life we should not forget that the transfiguration of Jesus is our means in order for us to continue believing, hoping, trusting, and loving because Jesus whom vividly transfigured in the eyes of Peter, James, and John and later will experienced passion and death is more powerful than all the sufferings, pains, grief, and persecutions that we encounter into our lives.  Indeed, Paul in his letter to the Roman’s expressed this wonderfully through these words; “If God is for us, who can be against us?” So, the invitation of the gospel yesterday for all of us is this; we must not be terrified when we experience grief, confusion, pain, and sufferings.  These are only means for us to realize that we must climb our own mountain of transfiguration which will lead us to our lasting glory and to become close to God.

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