In the Midsts of Criticisms

capture21One of the things that we hate most in life is to be criticized.  So, in#struggles order for us not to be criticized, we avoid opportunities and responsibilities that are hassle-free and easy going.  I myself would like to prefer these things as I do my very best to live in happiness and peace.  Criticisms are just a hindrance for me to see better perspectives, and this is what I believe.  But, it will not be always the case as I venture this kind of life full of possibilities and opportunities.  I cannot but accept the fact that criticisms will always be my significant other in the story of my life.

Why there’s a need for us sometimes on the hot seat in the midst of criticisms?  As I reflect upon this reality, this is what I found out; it is hard for us to attain authenticity without criticisms.  They balance expectations and anticipate transformation.  They are not made in order for us to be grouchy and embarrassed; rather they are made and allowed by God to be our reference in pursuing conversion and transfiguration.  In the history of mankind, no one ever became great without the pangs of criticisms.  Even great figures in the history have experienced the blows of criticisms which they consider it as the teacher or the wise sage.  So, we should not be afraid in facing and handling criticisms in our lives.

As I continue to move on in my daily struggle, criticisms enlighten me to build firm perspectives that soon will be a useful means for my perseverance.  Hence, my life will never be in harmony unless I consider criticisms in life as the canon and the standard of my existence.  In every midst of criticisms there’s wisdom.  Life cannot be what it ought to be unless it is being scrutinized and sanitized by criticisms which builds a firm foundation towards a better life.

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