Repentance: The Remedy over Temptation

repentanceIn yesterday’s gospel, we witnessed how Jesus overcomes the pangs of temptation and drove by the Spirit out into the desert.  Afterwards, He went to Galilee and proclaims the Kingdom of God by inviting the people and His followers to repent and believe with it.  It is such an awe to notice in the gospel how Jesus overcome the enticement of Satan and proclaimed to the people the wonderful truths of the Kingdom of God.  How about us who are easily tempted and distracted by the devil looking upon our nature as fragile and limited?

As I reflect upon the gospel yesterday, Jesus gives us a secret in order for us to overcome the temptation of Satan and emerge as victorious, i.e. Repentance.  Yes, our story is different from that of Jesus because we are always falling into temptation.  But, the gospel is inviting us to repent because it is only on this way that we may be able to reject the schemes of Satan and be belonging to the Kingdom of God.  Yes, we recognize that we are not strong in the midst of trials, so we easily give in to temptation.  But, Jesus is reminding us that it is not the end of everything.  We can only repent unless we humble ourselves and admit that we have done something wrong.  Repentance presumes admission of our sin and guilt, and this is what it means to commemorate the sanctity of Lent.  In order to prepare ourselves on our Lenten journey, let us consider into our lives that we won’t be able to believe with firmness that God is merciful and forgiving unless we repent and accept into our lives that we cannot live and be at peace without the presence of God.

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