Practice what you Preach (2/8/15)

practiceThe last Sunday gospel presented to us the indispensable significance of preaching in the life of a person who is sent for it.  But, how did Jesus exhibited in the gospel its importance?  If we will put into outline the gospel passage, it is divided into three pericopes; First, Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law, Second, Jesus’ Healings and Exorcisms, and Third, Jesus leaves Capernaum for other places.  As we analyze the three pericopes in the gospel passage it highlights the way Jesus put into action what he preaches in his public ministry.  The way Jesus put into action what he preaches manifest what is preaching is all about.  Preaching is tantamount with proclaiming the Kingdom of God as what Jesus is reminding us to do the same.  The miracles that he performed to Peter’s mother in law, at Capernaum, and to other places in the gospel are concrete signs that the Kingdom of God is real and concrete.  Hence, the example of Jesus in his way of preaching the good news is a reminder for all of us that preaching is not all about choosing the best words and expressions in order to convince people to believe, but it is all about putting into practice what we preach and to be a witness of the good news in order for it to be a concrete manifestation of redemption for all.

Action speaks louder than Words.  This is what the last Sunday gospel is reminding us and we must bear into our mind the significance of this in our daily lives.  The first reading showed to us the miserable experience of Job who is so pessimistic about life.  Like him, there are also a lot of people who are living in desperation and also so pessimistic about life.  We cannot blame them on having that kind of attitude about life because as we open our eyes in the reality that we are experiencing right now, there are lots of miseries, anxieties, pessimisms, and even confusions that are concretely happening around us and it’s undeniable.  These are the people who need to be preached not by our words but by our good deeds, care, and affection.  Our preaching must be identified by them and with them, and not be appearing as better off than they.  Thus, it is concretely manifested that preaching is not only sharing our insights, thoughts, and knowledge about the Bible, articles of faith, our religious experiences, and our philosophical and theological analysis about the faith, but it is also healing broken relationships, having a concern for the needy, and building communities rotted in love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness just like the Kingdom of God is all about.

As we continue to reflect the beauty of the last Sunday gospel, let us pray that our good Lord may grant us the grace to practice what we preach and to bring the message of salvation with our actions to those who are in most need of it.  Let us pray also that as we do our best to preach the good news, it may also be a means for us to embrace transfiguration, transformation, and newness of ourselves.

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