A Mysterious Thing called Love

imagesIf I will engage my attention in silence and reflect the mystery called Love, I cannot but admit the fact that it’s really incomprehensible.  Actually, no words can really define what love is.  Even action falters to describe what it really means.  Hence, love is something that we cannot own or grasps; it is meant for sharing and for giving.  To be honest, one of the reasons why I said my yes to religious life is to search and seek for the real definition, description, and meaning of love.  I encountered a lot of experiences that speaks about love, how to love, and what is the feeling of being loved, but one thing that I learned as I encounter those experiences is the fact that love cannot be what we expect based on our own understanding and knowledge.

I have been searching and seeking for so many years with that so called real love.  But, I always fail to find it because it has so many expressions.  Those expressions are like little dots that when you connect them all, it will show the real image of love.  What is that image?  To be honest, I don’t know it yet because I am still in the process of opening myself with some other expressions of it which is beyond the other expressions that I encountered in my life.  Even though it’s real image is still hard to recognize into my life, it’s enough that I have loved despite the fact that people don’t recognize it.

When will my heart be rested on its restlessness in seeking and searching for this true love?  Many years have been wasted and still it’s hard to define what it is.  As I reflected upon this reality that I am facing now, I realized that love is so immeasurable.  Experiences are not enough to define what it is and to measure its entirety and profundity as a value and virtue.  Hence, love is a mystery, but once you allow yourself to welcome it, search for it, and seek it; it will be a great opportunity to embrace it wholeheartedly.

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