What matters most is we know how to LOVE

sharing-handsWhen we speak of love we always equate it in the month of February.  “It’s a month of love, and it’s also a perfect month to love and be loved”, that’s what people of today.  But wait, if we have this kind of mentality or attitude about love then it shows that love is something exclusive not inclusive and it is also something occasional and not an extraordinary act of goodness.  Actually, to love and be loved is not just limited and exclusive for the month of February and an occasional entity, but it is something to be given an emphasis in our existence and day to day struggle.  Love is not a thingy phenomenon of human person’s search for meaning, but it is a universal call that redeems and uplifts our brokenness and woundedness inside.

What is special about love?  Why people are getting mad about it?  Love is like how we breathe because we cannot live without it.  It does not only give strength to our weaknesses, but it also gives life to our restlessness.  It is also our ‘crying shoulder’ whenever we are being challenge by so many circumstances and instances of life’s pains and difficulties.  When there’s love, it’s hard to give up because there’s hope within it.  It means to say, love is the greatest and most fundamental entity in human person’s search for true happiness.  That’s why; love is not just an exclusive merit for the month of February.  It is not just all about romance, kissing, hugging, and even sex itself, but it is also a duty and a responsibility that brings harmony, unity, friendship, peace, and solidarity to our neighbors most especially for those who are being deprived to experience it in their lives.  So, Valentine’s Day is not just for partners, couples, and lovers; rather it is an invitation and a call for each and every one of us to reach out the hearts of those who are longing for love and care especially those who are rejected, marginalized, and unloved.

If you’re worried that you’re feeling alone this February 14 which is fast-approaching; do not be saddened and terrified.  Every single person is not an outcast this Valentine’s Day, because its meaning does not depend with the chocolates, teddy bears and love letters that you will be receiving in this occasion, and to search for partner for a date, rather its real meaning will always depend in our capacity to reach out the hearts of those who are in need of love.  What matters most is we know how to love, and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

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