On Insensitivity, Ignorance, and Furiosity: The Mamasapano Clash Revisited

slain-officers-pnp-asfI love my country, but I am ashamed of the government. And these are my angry insights why.

 The death of the 44 PNP-SAF in Mamasapano Clash is the most tragic and painful blow for all of us Filipinos this year.  We really cannot imagine that their youthfulness and enthusiasm to serve and protect our country will end up through the hands of a disease called “personal interest” with just a blink of an eye.  What’s the Truth behind their death?  Why did they became the sacrificial lamb for the interest of the powerful and the influential?  What went wrong with the Philippine Democracy that should be the cradle for sympathy, empathy, respect, Truth, compassion, and justice?

Last January 30, 2015, it was the National Mourning for the 44 Fallen PNP-SAF.  Many mourned and experienced grief especially the loved ones of the 44 Fallen heroes who are still in a great sadness and astonishment that they died in an instant and the reason of their loss is still a tabularasa.  But, the majority of the Filipinos were angry and furious not only with the clash itself but also with the ‘point of reference’ behind the clash; i.e. the government who pointed again HIS ‘deadly’ finger and put the blame on those who are responsible for their malfunction, which is actually Him on the first place and insensitively barely ignore the lives of the 44 Fallen valor heroes who died for the country’s so called “interests’’.  But, is it for the country that their lives are worth for martyrdom and sacrifice?

salungguhit-Into-the-Killing-Zone-rode-the-SAF-e1422494652699Pope Francis’s First Address in the Philippines reminded the government that it is more than ever, necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity, and commitment to the common good.  It means to say that the government should have the duty to be sensitive, sympathetic, emphatic, and always safeguard the welfare of nation and not only his/her personal interests or even the interests of the few.  But, did the government became serious after Pope Francis pronounce the aforementioned words in Malacañang that clamors for honesty, integrity, and commitment to the common good?  No!  After Pope Francis’ visit in the Philippines here comes the Mamasapano Clash that opened our eyes to the Truth about how far the Philippines government is true to its vision-mission, ideals, and objectives for the betterment of the Philippine society. Frankly speaking, the government failed to show its real identity as an element for the common good’s welfare and progress.  Its insensitivity itself to the 44 Fallen heroes impinges our expectation with what the government must be and to be.  It’s a shame, a great shame not just to them but for all of us Filipinos.  What the heck!

Justice? Respect? Dignity? Integrity?  Are these still relevant to our government colored by what they called ‘indispensable banner of democracy’ represented by the color yellow and the big letter ‘L’?  No!  Gone are the days that Edsa Revolution was the trending highlight of Democracy in the Philippines.  For sure, the four mentioned words were only relevant at that very moment.  Now, we are experiencing another climactic scenario in our nation and in order to spark once again the ember of Democracy that promote peace and harmony; the question is “what happened?”  Narcissism ruled the show.  Where is the government in the person of the president of the state that his name starts with the letter ‘p’ when the remains of the 44 Fallen heroes disembarked on their base called ‘HOME’?  Ah….Uuhmm…He’s busy in his usual errands, i.e. bragging his popularity to the few that I think they are understandable enough that he must be there according to the protocol instead of being in that occasion which is outside of the protocol.  What is wrong with him?  Why did he chose the few elites than the poor 44 Fallen heroes’ remains which need to be sympathized?  That’s a burning question that he should only answer for the sake of Truth.

SAF-44-0130Another shame; he was late in attending the necrological service for the remains of the 44 Fallen heroes.  What went wrong to him again?  Is he out of his mind?  #thelatePresident is now his name and it’s trendy because its face speaks that he is not interested at all.  So, in order not to be put into condemnation by the angry people who waited for so long, he stayed until midmorning.  But, it does not make an appeal to the angry crowd.  Is he still worthy to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on what he had shown to the nation today?  I hope not.  The banner of democracy represented by the color yellow is now the banner of shame.  Pointing fingers is now the system for ruling and an important means for honest leading.  What the heck!  Nasaan na ang puso na siyang dapat manaig kasama ng talino at karunungan, at isa sa pinakamahalagang aspeto ng katotohanan at tamang pamumuno?  Now, we learned the lesson in Mamasapano Clash that Insensitivity is the root of corruption and moral frailty in our nation’s stability which is now within the parameters of the government’s system.  I cannot but think this thought that Prayer is insufficient and not really enough to attain Truth.  We really need to do something in order to restore back the splendor of Democracy in the Philippine society.  Aanhin ang Dasal kung ang lider ng bansa ay walang pakialam.  Dapat na tayo ay makialam hangga’t hinog pa ang sugat ng Mamasapano Clash.  

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