Finding Love in the midst of Rejection

6703141We don’t like to be rejected, we usually like to be recognized and be welcomed as a person with dignity and uniqueness.  We hate to be underestimated by the people around us and be embarrassed by them in terms of differences with attitude, character, color, belief, and customs.  But, sad to say, it’s hard to deny the fact that rejection is an inevitable thorn of and for our existence and then we search for true happiness.  Most of us experience this so-called “the tragic pain for our uniqueness”, and we cannot but accept this sad reality.

Based on my experience, it’s really hard to be contaminated with rejection.  It’s like a disease that kills not only our identity as social beings, but also our capacity to accept who we really are.  It limits us to see the beauty of life and it place us into a dark cold night which brings fear, horror, and despair into our inner self.  When we are rejected, it’s hard to appreciate not only ourselves but also the locus of our existence.

Is love still possible when you feel that life is so unfair because of rejection?  Will you still be feeling and encountering love even though our eyes are blocked with the darkness of rejection?  For me, I believe, love is still possible in the midst of rejection.  Despite the fact that rejection is a never-ending curse; love will always conquer it.  The question is; how to find love in the midst of rejection?  It is by our trust to God that He is Love and He will never let us feel restless despite the horror of rejection.  We must always remember that God too also experienced rejection in the person of Christ and it is all because of love.  He knows what it means to be rejected because He felt it and experienced it.  But, despite of this reality He did not stopped to be compassionate and merciful to His neighbors most especially to His enemies.

His examples and attitudes towards the angst of rejection is an invitation for al of us not to give up with loving in spite of the many rejections we are experiencing.  I t is also an invitation for all of us not to lose hope and to conform our lives to Him even though that we will find out that we are unworthy of His love, later on.  Finding love in the midst of rejection is not an abstract and impossible; rather it is a challenge for each and every one of us that as a person that is love by God we must not lose our sight on Him.  In every rejection that we encounter in life, we must never forget that He embraces us with a heart that whispers; do not worry my child; I am here willing to welcome you and accept you for who you are.  You’re unique in my eyes because I formed you and created you from love and through love.  I am always here for you to wipe away your tears of sorrow and regret.  Believe in me for I assure you that I will never forget you for I have loved you with an everlasting love.

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