Against the Tides

182401_ocean-waves-wallpaper-1680x1050-tides-receded_1680x1050We are not and we will never be in control of what’s happening around us.  It suddenly comes like a blink of an eye, so we don’t easily notice it and be aware of it.  For me, I call them tides.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, tides are something that fluctuates, rising, and falling in the surface of the ocean.  They are something uncontrollable, unconceivable, and even somehow dangerous.  The many contradictions and opposites happening around us are just like the tides that are hard to suppress.  How to suppress the unsurpassable tides of today that brought angst in the life of Man?

As I ponder upon it, this is what I found out; we cannot be going against the tides of life without our trust to someone higher that can calm and suppress the roar of it, i.e. God.  Only God can control the pangs of tides if and only if we put our faith in Him.  We can suppress the unsurpassable tides of today if we believe that God is with us and is helping us to surpass the reality of tides in our life.

But, we cannot deny the fact that fear to be succumbed by the tides blocks our sight on what God can do if we put our trust in Him.  It’s then a reality that tides are hindrance of our search for authenticity and better life.  Even though tides in life are hard to suppress and surpass, we must believe that we have God who can lead us and help us to calm the roar of it.  We must always think that we are bigger than the tides of our life if we consider God as our protector.  We should always remember that we are not our problems and difficulties that are hard to surpass.  We will have the capacity to be against with our own tides in life if and only if we allow God to enter our hearts.

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