The Broken Road (Part 2)

img_4307Why God allows us to walk through life’s broken roads?  Actually, it’s hard for me still to define and understand the reason why He allows it.  Some may say, He allows it because it’s a challenge for us to change our perspectives in life.  Others may also say, He allows it because we need to be reminded that life is not an easy road trip.  Which is which?  There may be reasons why broken roads are an inevitable fact of life and why God allows it to co-exist in our day to day struggles, but the only thing that I could attest its vitality is I experience it.

There are a lot of questions into my mind as I always encounter broken roads into my life.  There are also a lot of non-stop complains into my lips once I start walking through it.  But, why do I still go on in spite of all discouragements and embarrassments that I encounter as I walk through life’s broken roads?  Why I don’t give up?  Walking through life’s broken roads; I firmly believe that it will lead me straight to something good, adequate, admirable, and worthy.  This firm conviction is what I hold on to as I persevere in passing and walking through life’s broken roads.  God blesses the broken road leading straight to everlasting joy and happiness-this is what it means for me to persevere in walking along life’s broken roads.  Yes, there will always be the tendency to give up and to be hopeless along the road trip.  But, as I always instill into my mind, the journey must go on.

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