On Questioning our Existence

you-are-not-an-accident-640x350The two important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why

-Mark Twain

Have you asked yourself what is the purpose of your life here on earth?  Every one of us walks on different paths of life.  Some are straight, others are crooked; but it doesn’t matter because our eyes are already fixed to reach a certain goal that will make us fulfilled, successful, happy, and contented.  But, is struggling for the sake of reaching out certain goals in our lives the real purpose of our existence here on earth?

Why we exist?  We exist because of a certain purpose in our lives.  What is that purpose?  Is it something real that we should struggle for it?  Is it should be something extraordinary that we should die ourselves for it?  As I reflected upon the purpose of my existence here on earth, one word popped-up into my mind, i.e. LOVE.  Yes, it is LOVE.  To LOVE is our real purpose why we exist here on earth.  We are born to LOVE and be LOVED.  The reason of our existence will never be determined its significance unless it is deeply rooted and founded in LOVE.  Why LOVE?  Why not success, glory, fame, or honor?  We exist because of LOVE and LOVE is the only answer to the question why we were born here on earth.

We strive to be happy and fulfilled in life.  We really do our best in order to achieve these things as our heart’s desires.  But, if happiness and fulfillment has no love to guarantee and has no love to yield on, could it still be called happiness and fulfillment?  No.  Love is the prerequisite of happiness and fulfillment, so it’s hard to be happy and fulfilled without LOVE and also if we don’t have the willingness to LOVE with all our heart.  Ever since when we were still in the womb of our mother, God have first manifested His LOVE on us.  Thus, this is the purpose of our live, i.e. to share the LOVE that God has given to us as a gift and consolation when we were still in the womb.  Hence, LOVE is the sole reason why we exist and we have also the duty to share this reason as we journey onto different paths here on earth.

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