The Picture of Me (My Birthday Reflections)

2014-12-30 08.06.47I love pictures.  Glancing upon my collection of pictures remind me of an insight that I cherish most; sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.  In my twenty-five years of existence there was happy, sad, and embarrassing moment that had passed into my life.  Some were motivating, others were disturbing, but one thing that I cannot disregard as I cherish them today is this certainty; although the different moments in my life were like a passing-shadows, they served as a lesson into my life.  My twenty-five years of existence were full of ups and downs.  Looking back on those instances made me realized that life moves on even though things end and people change.

How’s life going on now, Alex?  This is the first question that popped-up into my mind as I turned 26 today.  As I revisited my past by flipping upon my photo albums and gazing upon my collection of pictures I just say these words together with a sigh; my life is like a journey of a thousand miles begun with a single steps.  Many lessons have learned; many encounters have faced with joys and sadness; and many opportunities have succeed or failed; but one thing that I am so proud about my twenty-five years of existence is this; despite the many ups and downs that I encountered in life, God did not abandon me all the time and He continuously grants me the grace to move on and to go on in my journey in spite of my unworthiness.

There are still unfinished businesses that I have in my life.  There are also still challenges and struggles that I need to face and to welcome with courage and humility.  But, in spite of all these unfulfilled instances in my life, I firmly believe, there will be always joys and fulfillment after all these things if and only if I will trust to God everything and who is the author of life.  So, as I begin my life today at 26, another chapter of my journey has opened.  I don’t know what will I encounter and experience as I begin today my new journey, but I am pretty sure God will always be at my side preparing a lot of surprises for my growth and progress.  Just like the pictures of my past everything changes and eventually fades its colors and textures, but memories don’t.  Many things have come and gone into my life, but it does not affect me at all to continue chasing my impossible dreams and reach the unreachable stars.  Although things are meant to end, my life must go on to move on.

For my twenty-five years of existence, I would like to thank you for everything.  I have learned so many lessons in life and I cherish it today.  As I begin my journey at 26, may God will never stop guiding me on a right path.    

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